Video: Confessions of a Candida Relapser

April 25th, 2019 by James White

Here’s the #1 Thing NOT to Do If You Have Candida (especially if you have recovered successfully.)

In the video below, Candida Support co-founder, Jim White makes a vulnerable confession… and he should know better!

Despite more than a decade of experience with Candida and our One-Two Punch Candida Complete treatments, Jim had an uncomfortable relapse which led to an important learning experience.

Thus, we think this is an especially useful video because of Jim’s personal insights on how Candida relapses can happen, and, more importantly, how they can be avoided.

Watch here:

“Confessions of a Candida Relapser”— Edited Video Transcript

For your reading convenience, please find below an edited transcript of the video above:

The Truth

The truth is I’m as bad as any of my customers and I completely understand that they think they’re cured. They think they’re done, and they stop taking their maintenance doses of ThreeLac.

I have been taking ThreeLac for about 16 years, and after my first two or three years, I thought I was cured and I stopped taking it. And within six months, I was exhibiting symptoms again. I repeated this same thing four more times. No, three more times in the next eight years.

I got to a point, and I had already believed and understood that you can’t do that, but I thought, “Well, maybe I’m different.” Here’s where the ego comes in. I thought, “You know, maybe I’m different. I worked it out. I took a lot of ThreeLac and I took a lot of Candizolv, and so I really did get rid of it.”

One More Time

Well, I just did it again, and I didn’t see that I was doing it. I hadn’t taken ThreeLac and Candizolv on any kind of steady basis for at least three years. And what I was saying to myself was, “Hey, after 12 years or 13 years, I truly have gotten rid of the Candida. It’s not anywhere in my body. The Candizolv has searched it out in all the soft tissue and the ThreeLac killed it all in the gut, and now I take a good probiotic so it doesn’t come back.” Meanwhile, my stomach hurts and I’m waking up in the middle of the night with bloating and gassing in my stomach. But I’ve had a history of stomach problems over many years, so I thought, “Well, and I’m getting older. Maybe it’s just that.”

I was having terrible sinus drainage and I was taking a different over the counter drug to dry up my sinuses, and I had been doing this for years, and they were becoming less and less effective. And I just kept thinking, “I’m getting older.” I’m attributing it to other things.

Finally, my sinus infection got just screamingly bad. I went to the doctor. He said, “You’ve got a very bad bacterial infection.” I had to take Cipro for a week. And meanwhile, I went to my natural healer, and he said, “Yeah, the Cipro won’t do it. It won’t get rid of this, because you have a fungal infection underneath it. And until you get that cleared up, then getting rid of the bacteria will be almost impossible.”

So, then it was like a velvet hammer hitting me in the head, and all these years of dealing with this sinus infection. It was really awful, and I thought, “You know, I’m getting older, so I’m getting allergies,” which I never really had before. None of that was true. My Candida had come back.

I sometimes wonder at my stupidity. You know, me of all people, for all that I know about Candida. But you know, the mind is a funny thing, and I was attributing it to other causes. So now I’m back with my ThreeLac and with Candizolv. I have completely stopped taking the over the counter stuff to dry out my sinuses. I did have to take a week’s worth of amoxicillin after the ThreeLac had helped get the Candida under control, so the amoxicillin did kill off the remains of the bacterial infection, so now I’m just dealing with Candida, which is what I like. Because all those antibiotics of course are killing off my good bacteria, and the Candida is even growing. So it’s a catch-22, but you’ve got to work on the one thing mostly to get rid of it, and then you can go and work on the other.

Now I’m just dealing with the Candida, which I like dealing with and which I know how to do. I finally have come to my senses, and I understand what has been causing me this trouble all this time. And I will vow from this day on, I will never ever stop taking my maintenance dose of ThreeLac once I get past getting rid of all this. I will take it faithfully. I am not going to be that guy again. I’m saying to you, don’t do what I did. I have learned it through multiple repeated experiences. If you stop taking your maintenance dose, your Candida will come back and you have to start all over again.

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