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USA Orders

Up to 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING * on all auto orders (*orders shipped within the US and Canada). Auto order may even be set up for EVERY OTHER MONTH! You may cancel an auto-order at any time.


How to Order by Phone

From outside the U.S. call

GLOBAL HEALTH TRAX at 760-542-3000 (Mon – Fri 8:30 to 5:30, Pacific time).

Give them our ID number:28086

In the U.S. call

Call GLOBAL HEALTH TRAX at 1-800-305-5710 (Mon – Fri 8:30 to 5:30, Pacific time).

Give them our ID number:28086



How to Order by Mail

email GHT at: ght@globalhealthtrax.com.

Tell them your order and how you want it shipped. They will give you all the prices and costs and email, fax or mail you an order form which you can fill out and mail in with a check.

Give them our ID number:28086


How to Order by email

You may email GHT at: ght@globalhealthtrax.com, tell them what you want to order and they will gladly take your order via email!

Give them our ID number:28086



Orders Outside the USA:


Welcome Canadian customer! We have Free or Discounted Shipping to Canada!

We have been shipping to Canada since 2002. There are no stores in Canada where these products may be purchased.

Initial Moderate and Deep Rooted packages are free ground shipping to Canada. …Express shipping is $35.85 USD

On the Autoship all of the subsequent orders have a flat rate shipping fee of $22.14

Shipping for other products or items is as follows:

GHT uses the United States Postal Service because the broker fees to you are substantially less than those of UPS, Fed Ex, and other shippers.
Shipping charges start at approximately $29 for Ground and $36 for express delivery service. Shipping charges are based on parcel weight.

Delivery is typically 1-3 weeks for Canada ground service. Canada express orders are 1-2 weeks. We never know when Canadian customs may hold the parcel longer than usual.
Your government may charge you customs fees and tariffs for your order.



Order Here

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand

We have served both Australia and New Zealand since 2002.


GHT’s products are shipped express to Australia and arrive within a week. Shipping starts at around $55.00 (this will carry 1 to 3 boxes of Threelac) for United States Post Office (USPS) International Express Service. We recommend this USPS shipping. Larger orders will cost you less per unit of ThreeLac or Candizolv.

The Australian government is quite protective of its citizens regarding the sales of natural supplements. You will not find our products sold inside Australia. However, your government DOES allow you to order from us for personal use.

Import costs change with administrators in government. We cannot guarantee what your customs taxes might be.

GST FREE with our bilateral trade agreements

Last we knew, Australian customs will waive the GST on imported products if the total cost of the products and shipping costs is less than $999.99 (Aus).


New Zealand customers –

Our latest info is that there won’t be any charges if orders are under NZ$225 and are for personal use. If you have an update for us on this please email us.

Here is a link to “What’s my Duty?” where you can determine your exact cost:


To order, Click on this Link


GHT’s products are shipped to the UK. We have many customers there. It is quickly and easily done via post.

The shipping is a minimum $45 US for express mail and the UK will most likely tag you for a duty and VAT also.

All goods with a value over £18 are subject to duty and then VAT. The rate of duty, (and possibly VAT) varies depending on what the goods are. ThreeLac is classified as a food supplement and is subject (with postage included) to 12% duty. The total arrived at then has VAT charged at 17.5%.

A clearance fee of £13.50 added by ParcelForce, the deliverer. Express shipping is usually there within a week.


To order, Click on this Link

Other Countries

Currently, due to government regulations in the following countries, we do not ship to Afghanistan, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Nepal, Mexico, North Korea, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sudan, South Korea, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Tahiti, Uganda, and South Africa.

Oxygen Elements Max and Silica Plus cannot be shipped to Finland.

With the exception of the above-listed countries, no matter where you are from in the world you can make an order. If you have trouble using the internet for ordering and the telephone is difficult for you, you may email Global Health Trax at: ght@globalhealthtrax.com

Give them our ID number: 28086



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