5 Good Ways to Avoid COVID-19

March 16th, 2020 by Marti Ayres White

There’s a lot of consternation and fear these days about the COVID-19 (or novel Coronavirus) pandemic. And there are very good reasons to take precautions—but also good reasons not to give in to panic.

So far, statistics have shown that 80% of those who contract the virus suffer only minor symptoms, similar to that of a cold or mild flu.

However, the precautions are not just for each of us as individuals: they are to protect the most vulnerable among us: the elderly and those with a pre-existing condition (diabetes, heart disease, and people with compromised respiratory and/or immune systems—including those undergoing chemotherapy). And we want to “flatten the curve” of contagion (see the chart at left) so that our medical systems are not overwhelmed by cases.

The best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to follow commonsense precautions such as frequent hand washing, staying away from people who are sick, social distancing (no handshakes, please!) and avoid large crowds—AND to stay as healthy as possible!

Good Health Starts Within Your Gut

Did you know that the seat of the immune system is . . . the gut? That’s right, research has shown that the condition of our micro-biome (the environment of intestinal flora) has a direct effect on our ability to resist disease!

So if you have an overgrowth of fungal Candida yeast, the best place to start is with our Candida-balancing products

Avoid Sugar and Simple Carbs

If you are dealing with Candida overgrowth this is good advice anyway, but too much sugar impairs our immune systems by curbing the immune cells that attack pathogens trying to invade the body. Some foods will actually help boost your immune system!

Natural Foods Can Support Immunity

Here are a few natural foods that offer powerful defensive and healing properties:

Onions and garlic are antimicrobial, antibiotic and antiviral, so use them freely in those nice, warm meals!

Elderberry syrup has long been a traditional preventative and remedy for colds and flu.

St. John’s Wort contains antiviral properties (and may help some people cope with mild depression brought on by darker days). Echinacea, astragalus and licorice root are other herbs often used to prevent illness. Work with an herbal healer or carefully research these herbs and stick to recommended dosages.

Ginger is also antiviral. A wonderful warm drink to enjoy, especially if you have become chilled or feel like you are coming down with a virus, is ginger tea. Add a dozen slices (the thickness of a nickel) of fresh ginger root to about a quart of boiling water. Lower heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Drink warm. You can add a small amount of honey, agave nectar or maple syrup if tolerated, or mix with warm lemonade. This brew will keep for several days in the refrigerator and can be reheated as needed.

Oregano Oil is a potent antiviral. If you think you have been exposed to novel Coronavirus, use all recommended precautions and add two drops of the oil on the tongue, twice a day. It is very strong, to best taken with or right before food. You can also dilute it in a tiny bit of warm water.

Nutrients that are the immune-boosting stars are Vitamins A, D, C & E, and zinc. More fruits and vegetables are a great place to start, but if you want added armor in the form of dietary supplements, read on!

Supplements that Support the Immune System

Your friends at Candida Support can also offer you powerful immune-boosting supplements from our parent company, Global Health Trax (GHT) and their subsidiaries, to enhance your natural defenses.

Vidammune™ is a powerful combination of all-natural enzymes and potent antioxidant herbs that are carefully blended to help maintain or restore maximum health by supporting a healthy immune system, reducing free radical damage and inhibiting pathogens.

Taking Vidammune™ regularly supports the body’s natural healing ability, and promotes a healthy immune system response.

Vitamin D is often called “the sunshine vitamin” because our body will actually synthesize Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. But guess what is often lacking during those long, dark, winter days (perhaps setting us up for a Spring pandemic?)? Vitamin D is crucial to supporting the immune system, as well as the brain and nervous system. Among its other benefits, research has also shown Vitamin D plays an important role in:

• Regulating insulin levels and aiding in diabetes management (fluctuating blood sugar/insulin levels can impair immune function).

• Supporting lung function and cardiovascular health.

GHT’s Plant-Based Vitamin D3™ comes in several forms and potencies and is vegan. (Did you know that most Vitamin D3 supplements are made from the lanolin is sheep’s wool? I’m sorry but . . . yuck!)

Most people can take up to 5,000 I.U. a day of Vitamin D for several months with no ill effects. Of course, if you are under a doctor’s care for anything acute or chronic, please check in with them first.

We know one of the most important building blocks of a healthy immune system is good nutrition—getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to grow, repair and defend itself.

But sometimes life gets hectic . . . That’s where GHT’s liquid Vibrant Daily Vita Plus™ comes to the rescue. Offered in a bio-available liquid form that is not only more easily absorbed, but also easier to take (especially for children or the elderly) than giant pills. Just one half-ounce shot a day of Vibrant Daily Vita Plus™ delivers:

• 100%-500% of the recommended daily amounts of 13 water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, PLUS

• generous amounts of other necessary and/or synergistic nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10, MSM, PABA, and Aloe Vera.

If you’re looking for a nutritional insurance policy, Daily Vita Plus is for you.

Just like ThreeLac™ and all our other fine GHT products, every product mentioned here comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee from the time of your initial purchase of the product.

Wash Your Nose

Use a Neti pot or nasal rinse bottle to irrigate and flush your nasal passages. This practice is a great tool for viruses or colds (or avoiding them), any type of sinus infection, or simply for flushing mucus and allergens out of your nose and sinuses.

To do the rinse, mix one half teaspoon of salt into a pot or squeeze bottle of pure warm water (A bit of caution here: unfiltered or sterilized tap water can contain pathogens. Just boil the water and then let it cool to a comfortable temperature before using.) The salt “buffers” the water so it doesn’t sting and is also antibacterial. We also like to add 1 to 3 drops of our Oxygen Elements Max™ to the mix.

Oxygen Elements Max™ floods the sinuses with oxygenated saltwater and flushes out anything growing there. It also leaves a residual oxygenated solution that continues to kill off bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

If you are using the pot, tip your head over the sink, allowing the warm saline water solution to run into one nostril and out the other. The bottle is a little easier for some people because you can keep your head upright. You are literally “washing” your nasal passages and sinuses and this gentle flushing provides immediate relief of congestion, but more importantly, you may flush out viruses before they have time to take hold.

Here’s a link to a story that NPR did on nasal irrigation some years ago.

If we all do our part to “flatten the curve” we can get through this health crisis quickly and hopefully with minimum mortalities . . .


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