Take Down Your Stress Level. Treat Your Candida Overgrowth.

November 2nd, 2020 by Marti Ayres White

Stress is one of the many factors that can make you vulnerable to and may even worsen your Candida yeast overgrowth. And, to make matter worse, Candida can also increase stress. And these days, you do NOT need any more stress.

There are a lot of things to worry about in the world today—a virus on the loose, political unrest, financial worries—never mind the stress of working from home (or on the front lines), quarantining with family (or by yourself and feeling lonely), and perhaps trying to work and help your kids do remote school at the same time!

It probably isn’t surprising that people are feeling exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed and even hopeless.

If you have Candida yeast overgrowth as well, it can:

  • Drain your energy and make you feel exhausted.
  • Cause pain in the joints and other areas of the body
  • Create itchy skin rashes (and an unrelenting desire to scratch — ugghh!)
  • Create “brain fog” that affects your thinking and emotions.
  • Contribute to depression, which decreases energy and motivation, and increases irritability, ultimately increasing stress.
  • Increase your craving for sweets which, of course, are not the best stress-fighting food and they also feed the Candida overgrowth and creates additional inflammation in your body.
  • Attack the gut, which contains more than 60 percent of the immune system, making you more vulnerable to getting sick!

All these factors add to the stress you may already be experiencing. And, stress tends to skew your pH levels, make your breathing more shallow (which results in less Candida-busting oxygen), create a desire for alcohol and sugar (which “feed” Candida). All of this creates a vicious stress cycle that seems to keep on going!

What can you do to have less stress?

To start, treat your Candida overgrowth. We can help. Our Candida treatments have helped thousands.

Then, once you are working to manage your Candida yeast overgrowth, here are some other stress-busting techniques:

  • Exercise. Our bodies were not made to sit at a desk (even at home) for 8 hours+ each day. Set a timer on your computer that reminds you to look into the distance for a few seconds every 20 minutes, to stand and walk around every hour. Find things you enjoy doing that get you moving. Park your car further away from work or the grocery store. Walk your dog. Dance. Moving will help you “unplug” from the overwhelm and shake off that stress. (If you practice “Social Distancing”, outdoor exercise is one of the safest things you can do right now.)
  • Unplug. Literally! Take a break from info-overload: work emails, Facebook, Twitter, newsfeeds—even social updates and cute kitten videos. Don’t “doomscroll”, reading more and more alarming updates. Take a break and let your mind rest.
  • Meditate. Or pray, take a walk in the woods, watch the ocean waves, turn off your phone (YES!), take some deep breaths, sit in silence for a few minutes petting your cat—whatever works for you to calm down and recharge.
  • Remember to breathe! When we are anxious and stressed, our breathing becomes fast and shallow. By making a point of taking a few long, deep breaths, we are reassuring our primitive brains that we didn’t really see a saber-tooth tiger and it’s OK to relax!
  • Eat well. It’s not just what you eat — it’s how you eat! When at all possible, try to view food as a delightful and nourishing experience, rather than a quick fuel-stop. Look at your food, smell it, taste it and notice the texture. Chew slowly, engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. All this may seem like some kind of Zen exercise, but it not only increases your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, but also lessens stress!
  • Laugh! Laughter lightens your load, increases oxygen, and actually changes neurotransmitters in the brain. Can’t think of anything to laugh about? Try these “cooking fails” for a good guffaw
  • Spend time (maybe via Zoom?) with friends and family who “nourish” you.

Friends, we can’t change the world. At the very least, we hope that our Candida-fighting advice helps you to have less stress!

Yours for health & healing,

Your friends at Candida Support

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