How to Sail Thru Candida Detox

March 8th, 2016 by Marti Ayres White


When you start fighting Candida yeast overgrowth by taking powerful products like ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™ , your body will begin to rid itself of toxins. This can manifest as discomfort and mild flu-like symptoms, but never fear! We have discovered some simple ways to help get you through those temporary rough waters!

1. Take Charge of Your Own Process

First of all, trust that you are the “captain” of your own healing.

While we do our best to offer recommended dosages of our products, each person’s body is unique. A good sailor learns how to read the sea, the weather and the wind —and navigating detox is similar, in that you learn to “read” your body. If your detox symptoms are intense, perhaps you need to back off on your ThreeLac™ dosage for a few days, and then return to your recommended dosage.

Ideally, you also will have a healthcare provider – a naturopath, chiropractor, M.D. or osteopath (D.O.) who practices functional or complementary medicine – who can support you during the detox phase. And know that you can always email us for ideas and support as you take this journey.

(Please understand that we are not dispensing “medical advice” – these detox tips fall more into the category of “Grandma’s Home Remedies” – but they worked for Grandma – and should also work for you!)

2. Detox Baths

Once the toxins are stirred up, it’s good to get them out. One way to throw toxins “overboard” is taking detox baths.

Salt Bath:

Just add two cups of real sea salt (NOT Epsom salts, or iodized table salt) to hot water (102 to 104 degrees F; 39-40 degrees Celsius) and run the tub to cover most of the body. Soak for 15 to 18 minutes. This bath will “draw” the toxins out through the skin, and can be taken every few days if you wish.
Real sea salt also charges your body with minerals and trace elements, providing lots of health benefits! We get our salt in bulk (25-pound bags) from a website called Real Salt. You may find sea salt in smaller bags at your local grocery or healthy food store.

Ginger Bath:

While a sea salt bath pulls toxins out through the skin, a ginger bath removes the toxins by moving them through the body first and then out. Start with a piece of fresh ginger root about the size of a fist or larger, slice it into nickel-width pieces, and simmer in 2 or 3 quarts of water for 30 minutes.
Fill your tub with hot (102 to 104 degrees F; 39-40 degrees Celsius) water to cover most of the body; pour the ginger tea into the bath through a strainer. Stay in your tub for 15 to 18 minutes. This can be taken every few days if you wish. This bath is a bit stronger than the sea salt bath for detoxifying the body.

3. Support Your Detox with Herbs and Botanicals

There are many herbs that support the body in detox. Some act as chelators, (grabbing onto the toxins and escorting them out of the body), while others support our major organs of detoxification, the kidneys and the liver. We strongly encourage you to seek knowledgeable people to find the correct herb and dosage for you, but here are some ideas:

– Cilantro, Chlorella and Blue-Green Algae

Cilantro is an herb and both chlorella and Blue-Green Algae are fresh-water “sea vegetables.” All of them act as chelators for heavy metals.

– Herbs & Botanicals

Dandelion is a time-honored favorite for supporting both the liver and kidneys. For the liver, milk thistle, organic turmeric and peppermint are some of the “stars,” while kidneys can benefit from goldenrod, horsetail, parsley, uva ursi and cranberries.

Often a well-informed healthy food store employee can steer you in the right direction for good herbal combinations for kidney and liver support – but beware of herbal “cleanses,” which are often nothing more than heavy laxatives (main ingredients like cascara sagrada and senna are usually a tip-off).

Sea Buckthorn Berry is a good chelator for the die-off of fungal yeast cells.

– Nutraceuticals

Several reputable “nutraceutical “ companies, such as Standard Labs and Biotics Research Labs, have products that include a blend of vitamins, minerals and vegetables or herbs that assist in detoxing. Ask your natural health provider about these.

Steady As She Goes!

Keep going!

Utilize these simple tips and you will be through the rough waters of detox in no time. Just know that this brief phase is part of healing, it will pass, and you will be feeling so much better soon!


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