The Candida Doctors How it all began

In 1953 Dr. Orian Truss discovered the devastating effects of antibiotics in an Alabama hospital.


Dr. Orian Truss

Dr. Truss began exploring ways of treating what he called “antibiotic syndrome” (interesting name for Candida overgrowth). In the 80’s, the idea of Candida overgrowth went public with the publishing of his book, “The Missing Diagnosis” by Dr. Orian Truss and  “The Yeast Connection” by Dr. William Crook.
Their books detailed how the natural and even beneficial yeast in our gut begins to change into Candida, a type of fungus which is very different. Dr. Crook warns us in his book how certain modern conditions promote this transformation from good yeast to bad. He then showed a way to fight this condition and limit its symptoms by “starving” the yeast with a special and severe method of eating called the Candida diet. For people affected by Candida, going on the Candida diet was like being given a new life: yeast infections went away, energy returned, thought processes became clear again. It was like a miracle. Life became normal again.

Until those faithful dieters had . . . a cookie! Or a piece of bread. A glass of wine. Well, just about anything.

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As amazing as the Candida diet was it had a huge vulnerability. If you ate anything at all that fed the yeast in your body you found all your symptoms returning and you were starting all over again at square one.

There are many ways to fail in the fight with Candida overgrowth. The impossible Candida diet is one of them. more

Despite the new revelations learned about how to conquer Candida there are still people today that will sell you e-books or counseling to go on this all-but-impossible diet to eliminate your Candida.

The Good News!

With the advent of world class Candida products over the last 13 years there is no need to even consider this candizolv-pack2-rightdiet. Our 20 years of candida research have brought to the surface two remarkable Candida products that destroy both types of Candida at the same time! See our new package – Candida Complete™. 

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