Program for DEEP-ROOTED Candida Conditions

Phase One: Attacking Yeast Where It Lives

  • First, you must heal your body and get the Candida under control.ThreeLac and Candizolv, the One-Two punch for Candida
  • We do this with a combination of two products that we call our “One-Two Punch”!

1. ThreeLac™ tears into the Candida yeast factory in your gut and devastates it.

2. Candizolv™ installs itself into your system and weakens the cell wall of the systemic form of Candida so your own body can destroy the cells.


Phase Two: Prevention

Now that the Candida is under control, Phase 2 is all about preventing the re-emergence of spores or deeply-seated cells. Preventing Candida from returning is very inexpensive.

ThreeLac Right Rev-3

  • Your Candida is controlled.
  • Your biggest concern now is ensuring it does not return.
  • Phase Two is ongoing maintenance so the latent cells in the gut have no foothold to begin again.
  • ThreeLac is shipped every other month in the prevention phase.
  • Prevention also includes a bottle of Candizolv once per year to cleanse any systemic Candida. *

Deep-Rooted Candida Program (7 months)

1st month: 1 bottle Candizolv (2 caps daily) + 1 box of ThreeLac (2 packets daily) $134.95

2nd month: 1 bottle Candizolv (2 caps daily)+ 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $169.95

3rd month: 1 bottle Candizolv (2 caps daily)+ 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $169.95

4th month: 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $90.00

5th month: 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $90.00

6th month: 1 bottle Candizolv (2 caps daily) +2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $169.95

7th month: 1 box ThreeLac (2 packets daily) $45.00

7 Month Total: 12 boxes of ThreeLac + 4 bottles of Candizolv (card charged each month when products are shipped- $869.80 total over 7 months)

$134.95 – ThreeLac™ Packets + Candizolv

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanse

Deep-Rooted Candida

Control -Autoship; month 1


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ThreeLac™ packets contain lemon powder. If you have trouble with lemons order the lemon-free gel-cap formulation below!

Candizolv-ThreeLac-caps-Left-Pack1$134.95 – ThreeLac™ Gel-Caps + Candizolv

Deep-Rooted Candida Gel-Caps

Control Program

2 caps = 1 packet. Capsules contain no Lemon powder.


Click here to learn more about the WHY behind our Moderate and Deep-Rooted programs.



Our program is set up to control your Candida now and keep it from coming back in the future.

 Autoship programs = Best value + Ongoing protection – FREE SHIPPING and 10% – 15% discounts for Autoship orders.

Choosing our Discount Autoship is committing to shipments coming to your door each month or two when they are needed per your individual program. If you simply wish to try our products – order individual products at retail price.

Other benefits of Autoship

  • Scheduled shipments are sent automatically
      • The appropriate Candida Complete products are shipped and your card is billed.
      • Provides discount savings and Free Shipping even on ThreeLac
      • It can be canceled at any time.
      • Ensures you are supplied with the effective Candida fighting products you need to heal from Candida and prevent a return of symptoms.
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