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Candida Tests

Candida Tests from Candida Support

We Have Links to Four Free Home Candida Tests Below

Take our Free Home Candida Tests with confidence. They come from the best doctors to ever study Candida yeast overgrowth.

The diagnosis of  candidiasis, or Candida fungal yeast overgrowth, is often what is called a Diagnosis of Exclusion. After months, or perhaps years, of seeing doctors for debilitating symptoms, many people end up diagnosing themselves as having Candida overgrowth—because it is the only explanation left!

We’d like to emphasize that it is important to rule out medically-treatable causes!

But if you have been everywhere, and been tested for everything, it’s very possible that you have Candida. 

Find Out for Sure!

Our Candida tests are a simple starting point, and these resources are our gift to you!
Three of these tests are specially written by doctors who have made the study of Candida their priority over many years. If the tests point to Candida yeast overgrowth as your problem, our 100% guaranteed Candida treatment program can help you to Take Back Your Life from this miserable condition!

And we do have a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Our Simple, Free Home Tests:

  • The Candida Severity Test, written by Dr. Brian Martin (, determines just how bad your Candida condition is and recommends a Candida Healing program calculated to fit your unique level of Candida overgrowth.
  • Dr. Crook’s Candida test is from one of the original Candida Doctors, Dr. William Crook. This test  shows how multiple factors can “gang up” on you to make your body vulnerable to this yeast overgrowth imbalance.
  • Children’s Candida test, also by Dr. Crook. A test specially designed for children!
  • Candida home saliva test, (or candida spit test) is a graphic indication of whether you have this condition.


Which Test is The Most Important?

We recommend you begin here >>>

Take our Candida Severity test


Most doctors are little help when it comes to Candida. Though this is frustrating for you (we know exactly!), it also shows you that there is no other diagnostic problem for you. That process is helpful in at least knowing what you DON’T have! Our tests have been written by doctors who did know and did study Candida. Give these tests a try.


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