Candida-Free Maintenance with FiveLac™ and SevenLac™

Through our parent company, Global Health Trax, we offer an expanded version of ThreeLac™ in the forms of FiveLac™ and SevenLac™. These formulas come from the same Japanese pharmaceutical company that brought us the original ThreeLac™ that has changed so many lives. Both of these formulas contain additional strains of re-populating good bacteria that help keep your system balanced.fivelac_left_160wide

FiveLac™ is based on the same unique ingredients in the original ThreeLac™ with two additional strains of probiotic. FiveLac™ has been sold since 2007.


SevenLac™ is a new product just introduced by Global Health Trax, which contains the same probiotics as ThreeLac™ and FiveLac™, but with two more additional probiotics, including the exciting new Lactobacillus johnsonii, which has been shown  to positively influence both the intestinal and systemic immune systems.

We recommend using ThreeLac™ during the first few months of your treatment, to beat back the fungal yeast overgrowth. Then you may want to introduce FiveLac™  or SevenLac™  to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria.

ThreeLac™ does cost less than FiveLac™ or SevenLac™—however, it is important to introduce new colonies of beneficial bacteria into your system, which these two products do. We encourage you to experiment during the maintenance phase, and you may be able to use less FiveLac™ or SevenLac™ than you do ThreeLac™ during the acute treatment phase.

All the reasons in the world to buy your ThreeLac™, FiveLac™  or SevenLac™ from Us right Here!


FIVELAC™ or SEVENLAC™ for maintenance and keeping your system free of  Candida overgrowth!




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