Global Health Trax offers an expanded version of ThreeLac in the form of FiveLac™. This formula comes from the same Japanese pharmaceutical company that brought us the original Threelac that has changed so many lives.fivelac_left_160wide

FiveLac™ is based on the same unique ingredients in the original Threelac.

FiveLac™ contains 2 additional strains of probiotic. Fivelac has been sold since 2007.





After a few months on ThreeLac™ You might try using FiveLac™ every so often. It helps to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria after starting with ThreeLac™.


ThreeLac™ is more cost effective than FiveLac™, however, it is important to introduce new colonies of beneficial bacteria into your colon, which FiveLac™ does. We recommend starting with ThreeLac™ and then introducing a box or two of FiveLac™ after a couple months.

All the reasons in the world to buy your ThreeLac™ or FiveLac™ from Us right Here!





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