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We Take Candida Seriously

If you are serious about controlling your Candida symptoms you’ve come to the right place.

We know from experience that Candida is a serious condition. It drags your body down, clogs it up, and makes you feel like you’re swimming through mud.

If you think you can cure your Candida by buying a cheaper bottle of antifungal herbs — or you can succeed by just “eating more yogurt” or going on the Candida Diet then you may not like what we have to say. We promise to be seriously honest, so we’re not afraid to tell you that it takes time (5-7 months) and resources to control Candida.

We know how to help you. If you are serious about getting better, then let’s get started.

Candida Support.Org

Testing and comparing Candida products since 1996!

Did you ever make an important decision and then a few weeks down the road wish you had done better research? You’ve lost your money! You’ve lost your time.

We are 2 couples in West Michigan who have been researching candida cleansing products since 1996.
There are many pages in our site on all facets of Candida – how Candida is related to other diseases, what are its symptoms, what is Thrush?, free tests to see if you have Candida and how severe your own Candida might be. Candida is debilitating to your life and dangerous to your health. Getting it under control is essential and the sooner you get at it the better.



Marti & Jim

Our journey regarding healthy living goes back to the 70s and 80s where we were cruising the aisles of our local health food store buying health books and natural supplements. Despite healthy lifestyles in the 90s we started experiencing strange new symptoms of bloated gut, skin rashes, low energy and brain fog. Fortunately for us, we had a knowledgeable natural healer who understood Candida.

We were Guinea Pigs

Because of this we heard the word “candida” long before the world in general. We read the early books by the first doctors who researched Candida and tried the impossible Candida Diet and experimented with antifungals and probiotics for some years. Then, in 2002 we were fortunate to become some of the early guinea pigs for a new product that had just landed in the US from Japan called ThreeLac™. Almost immediately we saw results that we didn’t think possible!

After all the years of experimentation with dozens of “cures”, Marti and I finally found ourselves standing in our kitchen one day about 2 weeks later, looking into each other’s eyes with smiles on our faces a mile wide. We felt somewhat giddy as we talked about how different this was for us, how powerful this product had proven itself to be and we agreed we had finally found the answer we had been looking for all these years. This website is the result of our long work. We are not a large company which has slapped the label, ‘candida fighter’ on another bottle packed with ineffective antifungals, enzymes, and probiotics to take advantage of the”candida market”. We’re more like you, curious, searching and determined to find what works best and willing to do whatever it takes to find answers and get healthy again.

We spent thousands of dollars on Candida products back then – all for little or no results.

We bought Threelac for ourselves to try at first, and since then have expanded our research -buying, testing and comparing Candida products – offering them free to friends and ‘new’ customers if they would keep a log and fill out questionnaires to see how the Candida products performed.

If You’re Serious about Ridding Yourself of Candida

Before you spend your money on some eBook or a “better and cheaper than Threelac!” product  (check the ingredients, no it isn’t) find out which Candida cleanse is really most effective.

It takes  tough, specific ingredients to control candida. The vast majority of candida products do not have the power to do this and are a waste of  your money! There are no “quick fixes” when it comes to chronic Candida. You can find “cheaper” at your local health food store but you will look again for something to help you later. Why waste the time?

If you look around this site you will see that we are different than other candida sites. Take advantage of the years of work we have done studying and comparing Candida products, systems, and ingredients.

Where to Start?

We recommend you start with our Free doctor-written test to help you determine just what level of Candida infestation you have.   images

Take our Candida Severity test

The results of our years of study is that we healed ourselves and since 2002 have also helped thousands of others leave their candida symptoms behind.

candida symptoms list

Our Top Program

How did all this start?

Though modern doctors know little, it was two uniquely insightful doctors who first discovered that fungal yeast can overgrow in the body and cause all kinds of toxic symptoms. 1953 Dr. Orian Truss, 1986 -Dr. William Crook. These authors were part of our education back in the ’90s. more

herbcompapothecary.jpgA decade later, many antifungal remedies, both synthetic and herbal had been introduced to help battle this condition.  The only problem is that the tricky fungus is able to “morph” or evolve to resist each and every antifungal, making them less and less effective over time. Also, the pharmaceutical antifungals are very hard on the body, the liver especially. No long term fix here.

After spending the time and money on these systems a person ended up where she/he started and the fight against Candida must begin again. These products were always recommended to be combined with the Candida diet.

The year 2002

threelac_right_160wide An American company called Global Health Trax (GHT) brings the first effective Candida treatment to the U.S. shores with a revolutionary new product from Japan called ThreeLac™. Within days of taking ThreeLac™, we felt surprisingly different and within weeks we saw problems falling away that we had been unable to control for years.


NOTHING had worked up to this point. Threelac™ changed the game for us forever!

If you have any questions of any kind please email us or tell us your candida story. our whole story

Emails since 2002 from Happy Threelac Customers

Where to Begin?

We recommend you start with our Free doctor-written test to help you determine just what level of Candida infestation you have.   images

Take our Candida Severity test

Candida Treatments fall into 3 main categories

  • Antifungals
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics

Category 1: Antifungal Products

blue_microscopic.jpgThis group of products relies on antifungal agents as ingredients. You will know them by specific label ingredients like caprylic acid, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, Pau D’Arco, olive leaf, coconut oil, garlic, black walnut, etc. These antifungals will create a spiral of “die-off” which makes it seem like they are working – in fact, they are starting to work. But the problem with antifungals is they can’t complete the job. The Candida organism eventually builds an immunity to antifungal ingredients. (This happens in much the same way insects becomes immune to insecticides.) more 

Category 2: Enzymatic Products helix_enzymes.jpg

Enzymes work on the cell wall of Candida and can attack it most anywhere in the body. For years the available enzymes were only somewhat effective. You could feel them making the Candida angry as it died but the enzymes could not finish the job. One reason is that they cannot kill the brand new yeast cells that are being made every day in your gut. Only ThreeLac does this job with the proper strength to be effective. The new enzymes, our own Candizolv™, for instance, can kill systemic yeast like no otherLearn more about it

I think your website is fantastic – it is such a relief to read – especially the pages about other suggested remedies for candida that don’t work – I have been through them all, and was in despair. Keep up the great work. Regards.” -Ailsa *


Autistic kids need Candida control!

“Hi there! I was just wanted to drop a note to you and let you know that we LOVE your product!! I was on the internet about 3 weeks ago in search of a healthy alternative for my 3 year old (autistic) son. I came accross your website and found it so informative and it was a breath of fresh air. I decided to get some and try it, since it is all natural and children are able to take it, we had nothing to lose. …What a difference it has made. I didn’t tell his teachers about what we were doing, and all this week waited just to see if there was a noticeable difference.

It has been praise after praise about how well he is doing. So anyways, I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product, and for bringing back our little boy to us!! It makes us cry with joy now to hear him laughing again, and playing with his sister. Thanks again!!” -Evanne *


“I Thank god I found your website. It has only been a week since I have been on this, and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. I have started working out again, as I could not continue. I used to run on the treadmill and lifted weights. My muscles would get so weak, I couldn’t continue. I can also enjoy eating again. I got such abdominal pain after eating, I had to be careful of what I ate as well as how much. Thanks again for publishing this information. I am one who is very grateful. I’m 46 and thought I was getting old way too fast.” Sincerely, Cindy *


Category 3: Probiotic (acidophilus) Products

These are the closest to ThreeLac of all types of Candida products. Close, yet still not close enough. It’s important to understand, Threelac is an extremely unique product. It contains

probiotic_yogurt.jpg probiotic strains for yeast infections that are not available in other products. It is a master at destroying fungus, which no other probiotic is equipped to do in the same way. Its unique yeast eating probiotics are resistant to stomach acid, passing through to the intestinal track where they do their singular work. The right probiotics are essential. more

quick, free, doctor-written candida tests


“I love threelac. It has given me back my life. I am telling everyone about threelac and I have my whole family on it. I have lost 30 pounds since I have been on it! Thank you for giving me back what my Drs. could not.” -Dorothy *

For Safety, You Want FDA Approval

Beware Foreign (CCWS, Lufenuron) Chitinase Products

Candizolv’s ingredients have been formulated at, and are sourced through, the Health Specialties Manufacturing (HSM) facility, which is a certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility in San Diego, California. HSM,, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The GHT Companies (Global Health Trax).

The foreign-sourced chitinases on the internet are either veterinary grade (Lufenuron), or worse — (CCWS), and are dangerous as they are not manufactured in any sort of FDA approved facility. CCWS is shipped from Thailand.

WARNING: These formulas are not legal to import into the US and have been confiscated by the FDA at the port of entry.

Most Importantly, You Don’t Have to take these risks!

In December of 2014, we have brought to market a safe, new Chitinase product called Candizolv™, that is manufactured in the U.S.A. under strict federal guidelines. It is pure, it is powerful, it is safe – and it is even Less Expensive than these foreign substances!   More on Candizolv™


Note: Chitinase Products alone are not enough to defeat Candida!

There are two distinct stages of Candida in the body.

See our One-Two Punch page for why you need to attack BOTH Stages of Candida with ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™.



Candizolv™ safety

ThreeLac Safety Report

Our One-Two Punch against Candida 

Where to Start?

We recommend you start with our Free doctor-written test to help you determine just what level of Candida infestation you have.   images

Take our Candida Severity test

There are also those who would sell you on colon cleanses, colloidal silver – or eBooks that point you to the same old story of diet and anti-fungals. These systems will not help you. We know, we have tried them.

We have tested so many Candida products over the years that we hardly need to test them anymore, we just look at the ingredients list. Most everything sold today is a re-combination of the same old anti-fungals, enzymes, and probiotics.

There are only specific products that have the power needed to do this tough job and those are the exact products that are offered on this website.

Beating Candida Yeast Today

Candida Complete™Candizolv-ThreeLac

Our Candida Complete™ package is the bringing together, for the first time ever, of the two most powerful and safest candida fighting systems in the world.

Threelac™ is quite happy to be the one taking all the shots.

While the competition makes false claims about ThreeLac™, we know the long truth. For us discovering ThreeLac™ was a miracle, and I don’t use that word lightly. Now we have the perfect compliment to ThreeLac™ – Candizolv™.

more on our Candida cleanse program

Your yeast cannot develop a resistance to Threelac™ – that would be like rabbits developing a resistance to the jaws of a fox!

Our support system makes it SURE. As with any product “The devil is in the details”. And the details of ThreeLac™ show that it goes after each individual yeast cell it finds and literally “eats it”. The details of Candizolv™ show that it weakens the fungal cells wherever they are in your body so your body can then kill the invasive cells.


Want to Get Healthy?

We recommend you start with our Free doctor-written test to help you determine just what level of Candida infestation you have.   images

Take our Candida Severity test


The More you Know about Candida

If you are still undecided continue to study or please, ask us your tough questions! You will find us to be helpful. 

Our best suggestion for you to avoid ineffective products is to rely upon your own study and intuition. Over a few days and nights, you will get a better feel for what is true and what is not. Just save this website in your Favorites right now so you can find it when you need it again!

See a complete Candida Symptoms List here.

See the candid letters we’ve received from customers since 2002


We encourage you to spend some time with our website. You’ve spent all this time searching for answers. You’ve come so far in searching for your cure, don’t give up now.

The time you spend here may well change the rest of your life!


Learn more about our Candida Programs

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Being in this business gives us great access to learning what is working in real-time -in the real world.

We have emails since 2002 from people who were very frustrated. Often they have searched in vain for a doctor to understand what is wrong with them. When they finally set out to research on their own and find our site and see that we’ve also been through what they’re going through they want to tell us their Candida story — how long they’ve had Candida, what it has done to them, and all the things they’ve taken to try to beat it. This gives us even more information on what people are trying and how effective it has been. This then becomes part of the feedback we give you. The support from Candida Support has become legendary. Letters from our customers   We are the very best place on the internet to get your Threelac. Why? We’ve sold more Threelac than any other source since it arrived on Western shores and we’re with you every step of the way!  Email support is 24/7/365 any time you have questions or concerns regarding your healing process.  Our Candida Recovery Guide™ is the best thing in the business. See more here

Why take anything but the safest, most effective products?

 Our Candida Programs / quick, free candida tests

Where to Start?

We recommend you start with our Free doctor-written test to help you determine just what level of Candida infestation you have.   images

Take our Candida Severity test

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Results may vary, person to person.

Please be aware that we are not licensed doctors, nurses, nutritional consultants or health care professionals.

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