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colostrum_80wThere has been much written about the benefits of colostrum (physicians around the world used it to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections in the pre-antibiotic era). Its importance to the Candida sufferer is two-fold: it offers anti-inflammatory properties to heal the gut, which has often been damaged by the fungal rhizomes (the “legs”) of the invading candida —causing Leaky Gut Syndrome. It can also be helpful with conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Colostrum Plus also boosts the immune system, which has been terribly compromised by the candida infestation over time.


Note: Colostrum FM is second-milking (after the calf!) and is very pure. Every batch undergoes testing for the detection of more than 65 different pesticides and all antibiotics used in the dairy industry. Our Colostrum maintains a zero tolerance for all these substances. It is also tested for microbes and heavy metals before being released.

Note: Colostrum contains no lactose but it does contain casein. Because Colostrum strengthens the immune system people who are on immune suppressing medications should not use Colostrum!

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Is our Colostrum organic?

No, and here’s why. Extremely few farms (perhaps 4% or less) of farms both here in America and abroad are actually designated “certified organic”and feed their cows only grass and plant matter). Small farms operate only seasonally, since grass and plant matter are only available seasonally. Large farms such as the one we use would have to have hundreds of acres of grasslands to feed so many cows, and wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves all year around to meet the demand for colostrum. Most farms here and abroad feed their cows a mixture of grass and ‘feed mill mix,’ which is a combination of hay and sillage (these are not grain-fed). However, our colostrum come only from Grade A dairies, where no hormones, artificial or otherwise, or pesticides or other contaminants are used.

Every batch of colostrum is extracted within the first 12 hours and is tested to ensure it is free of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, and mad cow or any other type of disease. A Certificate of Assurance accompanies every batch, showing that the colostrum meets required Good Manufacturing Standards (GMS) of purity. Ascorbic acid and zinc are added to the colostrum here by GHT.

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