How Do Probiotics Fight Candida?

Probiotics -The Strongest of the 3 Categories

We’ve had refrigerators full of the best probiotics for our ongoing experimentation over the years. We have not seen any form of acidophilus by itself or even in “broad spectrum” groups being effective enough to rout the Candida from the colon, though in some less severe Candida cases the better ones may be helpful. Some of the probiotics we’ve tried are Dr. Mercola’s Probiotics, Nature’s Biotics (Homeostatic Soil Organisms or HSO’s), and saccharomyces boulardii, Theralac, XtraLac and Symbion. The first three are world-class probiotics. XtraLac and Symbion are much the same as in any health food store. You can simply compare the bacterial strains on the labels to see how often you see the same ones repeated through different products. You will see that no other probiotics have the unique combination that you find in Threelac.

A recent ConsumerReports study on probiotics said: “All products contained the major groups, or genera, of probiotic bacteria labeled, but seven supplements–four pills and three liquids–had far less than the amount claimed at the time of manufacture.”

Bacteria must have some sort of guaranteed delivery system that gets them through the stomach without being digested and into the colon where they are needed. Always check the labels, most do not have any delivery system at all. The 3 strains in Threelac are naturally rugged and have been specifically chosen for their resistance to stomach acid. The powder form allows treatment from the mouth (thrush) all the way down the whole digestive tract.  Threelac and Fivelac are the only probiotics that have enough unique firepower to control Candida.

Good probiotics certainly are helpful to repopulate your gut and are very beneficial to health. But when it comes to controlling Candida the difference between even the best ones and Threelac is profound.

Where to Start?

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