Jim’s Personal Story of Candida Recovery

September 23rd, 2016 by James White


Recovery from Candida is a journey. In this video, one of our co-founders, Jim White, tells his personal story and shares his own experiences of dealing with Candida and discovering the inspiration that led to the founding of Candida Support.

Here’s what Jim shares in this video:

“Hi, my name is Jim White. I’m with CandidaSupport.org. which is run by myself, my wife and another couple who are friends of ours.

We’ve been studying and working with Candida for over 20 years.

We began our business because we found an answer where answers are very hard to come by and wanted to share it with people and we wanted to start a business.

How I Got Candida

When I first got Candida, it came from me being sick. That’s one way you can get it. My wife had had Candida for years. I thought of it as a woman’s disease. I really didn’t know much about it.

I was sick for a whole summer and I was very weak, I spent most of each day in bed. Because my immune system was so compromised, through contact with my wife, whether sexual, kissing, or whatever, my body was now ripe for infection. I was weak and that Candida got into me and it over-grew the insides of my system. I had gut bloating. I had low energy.

How I Recognized Candida

Then, as I came out of the illness, I recognized that something was still wrong. This something was something new. This was the Candida. My forearms just erupted in a rash, an itchy rash. And I tried everything. I usually try natural things, at first, and I did for months. None of that worked. Cortisone creams next ,that kind of stuff. None of it worked.

I had Candida in my body, it had gone to stomach and it was erupting on my skin as one presentation.

ThreeLac™ Was a Treatment that Worked!

When we first found ThreeLac™ it has just come to the United States in 2002, and we were trying something new, but almost immediately when we took it, we realized something different was happening.

It’s almost like our stomachs were going: “Yes! Thank you.” It relaxed. There was this feeling like my stomach had been besieged and now that was letting up all of a sudden.

In three weeks the rash on my forearms was gone.

We do this (run CandidaSupport.org) because we know how to do it. We found something in our lives that we do because we really know how to do it and we love it because we’re good at it. That’s this business for us.

You find relief from the low energy and from the gut problems, the digestive problems or the rashes. Whatever kind of infections you have.

Get through that part and then take a small maintenance dose. Some people want to skip that stage, but it will come back. Don’t let it come back. Take this cheap, small, inexpensive dose and keep Candida away.

Defeat it, beat it and stay on top of it. Stay healthy. Take care of yourselves. Thank you so much.



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