How to Survive Coronavirus: Stay Healthy & Sane

March 15th, 2020 by Marti Ayres White

The English word “sane” is from the Latin word “sanus,” which meant healthy.

So, we thought we’d put together a blog post with ideas on how to stay healthy without losing your minds.

We assume that you are (as are we) trying to keep your hands washed and minimize your exposure and ability to spread this virus by staying home as much as possible.Here are some other things you can do:

If you are able to, work from home.

I know if you work retail, are a restaurant server, or an Uber driver, this isn’t possible. But if you can attend meetings online and get your work done without going into work, do it. If you have a job that involves contact with the public, insist that your employer provide protections—like lots and lots of sanitizing.


What a great time to catch up on that thriller or mystery or romance you’ve been wanting to get into. Our local libraries have closed (very sad face!), but look into your library’s virtual offerings. Most now have eBooks, audiobooks, movies and magazines you can access online with your library card.

Cook. Bake.

Stock your freezer with easy future meals just in case you get sick. These can also be ready to offer to a friend or neighbor, if needed.

Get creative about social contact.

A good friend and I like to get together every few months and have dinner at a nice restaurant. This time we are going to each make ourselves a nice dinner and Skype from our own homes. A writer’s group I belong to that usually meets at a coffee house is going to exchange feedback via email this month. We will be playing virtual Scrabble with our neighbors instead of game night at someone’s home. Several of us continue to hike with our dogs: outdoors, maintaining a 6-foot distance from each other.

And do check on friends and neighbors who live alone via phone, text or email, especially older folks.

If you have kids…

Take them for walks in parks or natural settings (sadly, playground equipment should probably be avoided at this point). Challenge them to find three different kinds of rock, or count how many frogs or turtles they can see, or identify spring wildflowers.

Encourage them to read. Give them a book and have them see how many new vocabulary words they can find. Or ask them to read aloud to you—or to their dog, cat, or goldfish.

Play a board game with them (not just for kids).

Set up a “bowling alley” with empty plastic soda bottles and a small ball.

Let them bake with you.

If you have any defunct small appliances that haven’t yet made it to the trash, cut off the cord and give them a few screwdrivers (trust me, those are the only instructions needed!).

Try not to default to screen time exclusively (I know, this is going to be a tough one).

If you have kids at home who are BORED

Residents of nursing homes and veterans’ facilities are not being allowed visitors right now, to contain the spread of the virus to these vulnerable populations. Provide the kids with paper and markers and make drawings and write letters to mail to residents.

At right are some other kid-friendly ideas.

Give blood.

Yes, I know we just said you should stay home, but many blood banks are facing dangerously low supplies and you are probably safer at a highly sanitized blood bank than at the grocery store. If you are a donor or have only been thinking about it, now is a great time to give blood.

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Stay healthy. Stay sane. And for heaven’s sake, stop hoarding toilet paper! We will get through this together.

Yours for health and healing,

your friends at Candida Support

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