Got Gout?

August 24th, 2013 by James White


Gout can be extremely painful but you needn’t rush to the doctor for synthetic drugs. First try this all-natural way. It works for almost everyone.

Gout comes from a buildup of uric acid in the joints -usually the big toe! Ouch! There are certain beneficial herbs that can manage this situation for you very well. There are two formulations that will help. One formula you take before you eat and it prevents the food you eat from becoming crystallized into uric acid. The other formula you take after you eat and it helps dissolve uric acid buildups in the body.

From your local health food store find the Herb Pharm products rack. These are ‘tinctures’ of herbs preserved in alcohol and they come in small brown bottles. The ones you want are: “Sugar Metabolism” and “Flexible Joint”.

Take 20 drops of the Sugar Metabolism before you eat and 20 drops of Flexible Joint after. There are some other tinctures that will boost the effectiveness of these. You might want to boost them if you are in extreme pain and want faster action.
Boost Sugar Metabolism with one called Devil’s Club.

Boost Flexible Joint with a couple of others; Cat’s Claw, Devil’s Claw or Angelica.

You will find relief within 24 hours. Continue their use for a couple of weeks to really get the crystallized uric acid out of your joints. Then just keep the rest of the bottles around for use if the situation starts to return.

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