Got Candida? Our Free Severity Test is Doctor-Authored (Video)

October 29th, 2016 by James White

Here’s the Story of How & Why Dr. Brian Martin Wrote Our Free Candida Severity Test


In this video, one of our co-founders, Jim White, explains how and why Candida Support offers a free, doctor-authored Candida Severity Test.

Here’s what Jim shares in this video:

“Hello. This is Jim White with, and I’m here here to talk to you today about a really great free candida severity test we have on our website.

About Dr. Martin & Candida

Dr. Brian Martin studied and worked with patients who had candida and over years he learned what it was. He learned what caused it, he learned what its symptoms were, and he learned how to defeat it.

This test that he wrote came out of all his knowledge, and it helped to discern three different levels of candida, and once you know what level you’re at you can know how long it’s going to take for you to go through your treatment and come out on the other side with your candida symptoms completely in control.

Why Is This Test on Our Website?

On our website you can find this candida severity test, take it for yourself, find out what your treatment is, and know that you’ve got the best treatment that’s available in the world today. We are people who know what candida is, how to treat it, and know what the problems are.

How to Find the Right Candida Treatment for You

Find it, take it, and you’ll be directed to the individual program that is right for you. Thanks for listening to this video today, I hope it helps you.

We at Candida Support wish you soaring health and fast healing.”

Click here to take the Candida Severity Test, and you will find out the severity of your infection and the right treatment for you.

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