The Cost of Candida Treatment: A 6-Month Journey to Better Health

December 6th, 2019 by Marti Ayres White

Are you tired of feeling tired, of being bloated, of having headaches, joint pain, brain fog? Will this will be the year you get to the bottom of these symptoms once and for all and regain your health!?!

What Does It Take to Find the Right Candida Treatment at the Best Possible Cost?

Here’s a typical journey and related costs on the “journey” toward addressing the debilitating symptoms of Candida.

Jan 3: Visit with the Family Practice doctor.

Cost: Insurance Co-pay = $20

Diagnosis: Nothing Wrong; suggests antidepressant drugs. At your insistence, recommends an allergy specialist.

Debilitating Symptoms: Still there

 Jan 30: Visit with the specialist, who orders tests.

Costs: Insurance co-pay for visit = $50. Insurance co-pay for followup visit = $50. Insurance co-pay for tests = $50.        Total = $150

Diagnosis: Nothing Wrong; all tests are negative

Symptoms: Still making your life miserable.

Feb 3: Chat with the guy at the health food store

Diagnosis (in his humble opinion): Candida

He Recommends: Pau d’Arco tea ($8), enteric-coated Oregano oil capsules ($18), unrefined coconut oil ($12), and one month’s-worth of Candida cleanse tablets ($28). Total = $66

Symptoms: Your symptoms start to fade—yay! But as soon as you run out of products, they come back in a big way. Your health food store guy forgot to tell you that you have to rotate your anti-fungal herbs, so now you have to wait several weeks before ANY of them are effective again!

Feb 14: Meet with natural practitioner

Cost: Visit = $75 (Not covered by insurance); supplements $125

Diagnosis: Candida

Treatment: Natural practitioner puts you on the restrictive Candida Diet (No sugar, alcohol, bread, starchy vegetables, grains or baked goods, vinegars, mushrooms, beans and legumes, eggs, dairy, some nuts—basically the only “allowed” foods are meat and green vegetables; a few nuts and seeds) and tells you that you will probably need to stay on the diet, at least off and on, for the rest of your life.

AND, she puts you on a rotation of her specially-formulated anti-fungal herbs ($125/month). She wants to check in with you on a monthly basis (@$75) for at least five or six months. Total for five months: $1,000. You also go home and throw out or give away everything in your cupboard and fridge you are no long allowed to eat ($200).

Symptoms: Your symptoms DO start to go away! So does your checking account. And your social life. Your symptoms are much better, but ONLY AS LONG AS YOU STAY ON THE DIET! Your total investment for five months (including doctor’s visits, forbidden groceries and supplements = $1,436

There is an alternative!

Our Solution: Candida Complete™

Here is the 5-month investment break-down if you have Moderate Candida:

1st month: 1 bottle Candizolv (2 caps daily) + 1 box of ThreeLac (2 packets daily) $134.95

2nd month: 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $90.00

3rd month: 1 bottle Candizolv (2 caps daily)+ 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $169.95

4th month: 2 boxes ThreeLac (4 packets daily) $90.00

5th month: 1 box ThreeLac (2 packets daily) $45.00*

Recommended Diet: Eat a healthy, balanced diet, heavy on vegetables, with animal or vegetable proteins, whole grains, very little sugar. An occasional small treat should be fine after initial symptoms have subsided.

5 Month Total: 8 boxes of ThreeLac + 2 bottles of Candizolv (autoship prices; card charged each month when products are shipped) = $529.90

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We’ve Been There & We Can Help

We have been through the rigamarole described above. We have tried to subsist on the restrictive diet, and we have wasted money (when we didn’t have money to waste) on herbal anti-fungals that didn’t do the job without the Candida Diet.

We feel we have found the best product out there to fight fungal Candida yeast overgrowth, and we are here to help! Download our free Candida Detox Recovery Guide to get you started!

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Happy New Year from your friends at Candida Support!

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