VIDEO: The Systemic Candida Treatment, Candizolv™ and How We Created It

December 15th, 2016 by James White

We Were Thrilled to Find ThreeLac™ But For Long-Term Wellness, We Needed a More Complete Treatment Plan


In this video, in just a little more than two-minutes, Candida Support co-founder, Jim White, tells the story of how we helped create Candizolv™, the product that completed our unique and powerful “One-Two Punch.” for treatment of Candida.

Here’s what Jim shares in this video:

We struggled too…

After years of struggling with Candida, we knew there were two stages to Candida. There’s the candida that grows in the gut that keeps making new yeast cells and there’s also the candida that escapes and circulates throughout the body, systemic candida. For many years, I kept looking for that one product that might be like ThreeLac for the systemic side of Candida for that stage.

Finally we found a product that really makes a difference for systemic Candida

In 2013, I finally found that silver bullet for systemic Candida. It was an enzyme called chitinase.

After testing it for a year and half, I knew we had finally found it. We had finally found the silver bullet for systemic Candida.

Now we had a “One-Two Punch” complete Candida treatment plan

Now, we have ThreeLac for the gut and we had chitinase for the systemic Candida.

What Global Health Tracks ended up doing was formulating a capsule that had chitinase, chitosanase, a close cousin, and all the other enzymes that we used to use that attacked different parts of the candida cell wall.

Now we have the whole spectrum of enzymes that would weaken that cell wall so much that the body could easily take care of it.

This enzyme package is called Candizolv and Candizolv is the product for systemic candida, for that second stage of candida.

We love that we have this product. Candizolv is like nothing that ever has been before it. It is complete. I don’t know that there could be anything that would be better because it attacks every piece, every part of the cell wall of candida.

We call it “Candida Complete,” our One-Two punch against Candida.

There’s never been any program like it. There have never been any products like either one of these and now they are together, and they work together. There’s a synergy. There’s really a completeness to them.

Thank you for listening to this video. This is Jim White,

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