Candida Treatment: Top Two Reasons Your Symptoms Might Get Out of Control

June 30th, 2016 by James White


One of our co-founders, Jim White, just did this video to help those who suffer from Candida to understand what it takes to get your Candida symptoms under control and to keep them that way.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Hi. I’m Jim White. I’m going to tell you two reasons why people cannot get control their Candida symptoms.

The first reason is that they stopped taking their products. The second reason is that they stopped taking their products. You probably think I repeated that for emphasis, but that’s not why I repeated it.

There are two places where people make the same mistake. When you first take products and you’re trying to get the Candida symptoms under control, you’re going through a cleansing period, a detoxification, what’s called the Herxheimer effect. You will often feel worse for a while. The symptoms will come and go, up and down. You have to stay with it. You have to push through this. It takes some months.

Once you get control of your symptoms, then guess what? That’s the time when the second problem comes up. People feel so good, they’ve left their symptoms behind for the first time and they think they’re healed, they think they’re cured. Candida isn’t cured, it’s managed.

Candida is very tricky. We’ve helped people control their candida for fourteen years. Our communication with them back and forth, we know what the stumbling blocks are. We know what happens. They believe that they’re healed and they stop taking the ThreeLac Probiotic Candida Treatment and the Candizolv Systemic Candida Treatment.

Just one packet of ThreeLac a day—that’s one box every two months—that’s enough to keep candida from rebuilding, regrowing in the gut.

A bottle of Candizolv a year to clean out any systemic form of candida that has begun. That’s all that’s needed.

It’s an easy way to go. It takes four, five, six months to get candida under control. You never want to let that happen again.

Take care of yourself. Respect the Candida. You know what it’s like now. You know how it works. Use your knowledge, take action, and keep yourself healthy and candida free. Thank you.”

If we can help you with your Candida in any way, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

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