Why Does Candida Treatment Cost So Much?

July 19th, 2019 by James White

Our customers often ask about the cost of Candida Support products. In fact, there are Candida cleanse products online or in health food stores that are “cheaper” than ThreeLac™. So why not buy them?

The short answer is that once you try those less expensive methods, you will find out for yourself. You want results, and these products don’t deliver. They become “money down the drain.”

Meeting The Challenge of Candida Treatment

Candida is one of the most difficult conditions to overcome. You can’t defeat it by “colon cleansing” or pouring large amounts of acidophilus into your system. We want you to spend your money where it is going to get you results!

So, in this blog post, we are going to look at the actual cost of our products:

Candida Support charges the minimum Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) required by the company that manufactures our products. We don’t inflate their cost. A four-month regimen of Candida Complete™ for mild Candida costs $359.95. A box of ThreeLac™—60 packets—costs $49.95.

Initially, that can seem like a lot and, since Candida treatment varies by person, it may take more than four months to get rid of your symptoms.

Treatment Costs Compared

But let’s put those figures into perspective. Any clinic or treatment program would likely put you on a “Candida cleanse” system, including the restrictive “Candida Diet,” and would rotate anti-fungal herbs with massive doses of probiotics and enzymes. That could easily cost you thousands of dollars—often only to have your symptoms return within months. 

Whether you choose the Candida Complete™ program or opt for ThreeLac™ by itself, you’re way ahead. Once your symptoms have subsided, you can move into the maintenance phase of treatment with our products.

For the maintenance phase you will be spending about 83 cents a day for ThreeLac™, plus a twice a year investment in the Candizolv™ cleanse. Per diem, that’s considerably less than a cup of coffee!

Our Personal Candida Treatment Story

You may know our story: Candida Support was founded by two couples and their families, who were all friends as well as Candida sufferers. Together, we tried all the colon cleanses, anti-fungals and special diet foods. We researched and experimented for years with no results. We spent so much money and found ourselves just going around in circles. It was extremely frustrating. 

Then in 2002, ThreeLac™ became available outside Japan. It was the very first product that we found to be effective against Candida. We were so excited by what it did for us that we created this website to tell the world.

Ever since, we’ve consistently tested other Candida products and continue to do so!

We believe ThreeLac™ still has no rival.

(FUN FACT: Amazingly, the retail price of ThreeLac™ has remained the same since 2002!)

We Struggled. You Reap the Rewards.

Our pain has paid off. Yes, we would gladly have given up years of struggle for what is now so readily available with ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™. But our struggle is your gain. You don’t need to test everything the way we did.

What we share with you today is a program that works and has been working for many years.

When Marti first discovered ThreeLac™, she remembers saying to Jim, “This is kind of expensive, but it will be worth it if I get my life back!”

And she did. We all did. And it was really, really worth it!


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