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ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™ testimonials and reviews

Note: These emails are all copied and pasted as they came to us, misspellings and all.

If you have specific questions you may want to go to our faq’s page as that may have the exact answer you’re looking for.

These emails are chosen from our customers since 2002. They are all used with permission. NOTE that our newest product, Candizolv™,  just came into our program December 2014 so most of these emails are about ThreeLac™. Candizolv™ fills out our program with the most powerful and safe systemic Candida cleanse available.


You are not alone in your struggle for answers to Candida. We wanted to show you a typical letter from someone just now finding us. We have received thousands like this one.


I am a resident of the Netherlands, 42 years old, scientist by profession.

Despite the diet… and all the natural killers of candida that you also tried in your quest [I take caprylic acid and probiotics] the groin infection, which I have come to regard as a rather reliable indicator that I still have the problem, will not go away. Just as you describe there is an initial positive effect and just when you begin to think this is the solution, it comes back.

Finally, let me say that I contact you because you sound just like people that I wanted to find. Someone who actually went through all this and knows that often the medical establishment is powerless and even refuses to recognize the problem [I had my fare share of “go home, nothing is wrong with you” over the years]. I truly hope you can help me. Kind regards, E. *


From our customers who have used ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™:


I love that I am finally feeling good.  I have been working some 10 hour days, my energy is back.  I can go to bed at midnight and wake up at 6 feeling completely rested. So far I am impressed with your program.  I could sell this stuff because I believe in it so much!! LOL!!!  Just wanted to say thank you for your product!!  ~Stacie W

I am always recommending you to others!  Thank you again🌻, Your hope, compassion, and knowledge are invaluable. Blessings,  Normandy *

Thanks! It is so nice to buy a product where support is actually there and coming from such a committed place! ~Teresa *

Just wanted to thank you for your help. I can’t rave enough about this product. ThreeLac helped my baby. You were right that his skin would get worse before it got better. Yesterday he woke up with clear skin for the first time in months. I can actually see his gorgeous face now! And today it looked even better. He also seems much happier and more content in general. I’m sending you his before and after pictures. Thank you again! ~Kristine  4/16  *

Before and After ThreeLac

Before and After ThreeLac™

 Hi, I found your site 10 or 11 yrs ago during my search for Candida help. I normally don’t follow ppl pushing a product on a website but I was desperate, as I’m sure u understand. I was recently telling sum1 else abt Threelac and realized I never thanked you.
Before threelac, I tried everything. My life was miserable and I had no hope. No Dr could help me, no supplement could or diet. Threelac changed my life, that sounds so dramatic but anyone who knows this disease understands:) I still order it to this day. I don’t take it as often, in fact I went a whole year without it but recently ordered some more bc I know when my gut is getting out of whack.   So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your story and helping save me from the living hell we call candida! ~Jon *

I just want to say thank you for how quickly you respond. I have never had luck with western med, and could never afford seeing a naturalpathic, being that it is not covered by insurance(what an upside down society we live in) Eventually i will be able to see a natural doc that I trust, but until then your website has been a Godsend!!!! I know i sound like a drama queen but that is truely how i feel. I truely believe that having this condition and trying to bare children could be one of the hardest things! …

I really cant put in to words how grateful I am to you guys, you are an inspiration to me. Someday I want to help people overcome this nasty illness. Nobody deserves to live that way. I believe there are a lot of people out there like me who desperately need some help. ~Jennifer *

Thank you so very much for that informative reply! It was extremely helpful. You are so kind to take the time to give us such thorough answers. Being hopeful is an important part of healing and we appreciate the info and your time very much! Thank you again. Sincerely, Karen & William C *

Let me først thank you for your always Quick responses.
I have taken threelac on and off for many years but now when combining with Candizolv I feel an amazing difference. Now after 4 months I just feel so good after taking candizolv in the morning.
Again I want to thank you for these products I have not felt this good for 20 years. Everytime I Think I cannot get better something new clears up that I did not think about as a symptom but just learned to live with. (If just this had been around 25 years ago my life could have been so different) ~A.M. *

I just feel all the way back to my normal self again and I love it. This feeling is all I kept praying for. Also since I came off that horrible candida diet, I’ve been able to pick my weight back up. I had lost so much weight on that diet and I was already small framed when I started, so getting back to my old body size is great. I’m still watching my intake though. I’m not eating a bunch of sweets, but I had some ice cream the other night and had no reaction, so now maybe gradually, I will test a few sweets from time to time for my own guilty pleasure. I of course know not to stop taking the threelac, but I can definitely say that I’m at the point where I can clearly see that this works for me. I’m just so glad I found your site. You can post this if you’d like. ~C.B. *

How impressed I am with you and your organization. Not only do you reply promptly, I must tell you what I didn’t before, that all your material has the ring of truth to it. When I first went on your website I was skeptical, but even at that time I was impressed with what was said and how it was said.  ~Simone B. *

I Thought this celebratory time of year would be good to attempt to thank you for your organization, website & inspiring example of taking a very challenging journey & then sharing all you learned so others could be restored also. I’ve gone the route of very pricey tests & fees that solved things temporarily & thought that was the only option until by the grace of God I was led to you while searching products that helped before. There are no words to convey the level of appreciation I have for you. “Changed my life” is not very original. May you always feel the expanding love & blessings of the increasing many people celebrating YOU with the joy of renewed health. ~ Toni  *

Just had to write and say , Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have been on Three Lac for about a month and a half now and feel like a new woman!!!  As I am writing this letter I am on the verge of tears, I am so grateful. I am 54 years old and I was feeling like I was 84. I had been suffering for many years with this problem and happened to stumble on to your website, and it changed my life. I had many problems, including brain fog (it’s surprising I have been able to hold a job) Joint pain, bloating, constipation, skin problems, memory lapses,dizziness, swollen feet and hands, tiredness…. the list goes on. Since using your products almost all symptoms have disappeared, although I still do sometimes have constipation. Last week,one of the doctors at my job, said to me “Do you have different color contacts in your eyes?” (I don’t even wear contacts!) When I said No, She remarked “Your eyes look so clear and bright!! Yesterday, One of the Elders at my Church remarked “You must be getting over your illness, you look beautiful” as I had been so sick I couldn’t even go to Church.  ~Kathy *

I have just been once again on your site…it is a life saver…you know when you are having a bad candida day? I go on there and it gives me so much hope…
it’s interesting…when I take the threelac now everything just calms down…I wait to take my 2nd dose at nite…as soon as I do i can really feel it just taking the edge off…is this weird? ~Dawnea A. *

I want to thank you for your support, updating the recovery guide and just being there for people’s worries, encouraging them and answering questions.

And thank you for publishing all your wisdom and studies on the web site and sharing your experience ,and do’s and don’t’s during your Candida recovery journey it means a lot to me and probably many other folks.
Knowing, that you are there and answering questions immediately is already a big moral support !

My name is Lilo and I have been on the Candida program for 2 years with great results.
As time went by I got busy and paid less and less attention to the products and stopped taking them about 1 1/2 years ago – BIG mistake !!!!

I moved recently to TN, got some health issues, took prescription medication (second BIG mistake) and now I am dealing with Candida again.

What I would also like to add on, is the fact that one should not take Candida lightly ! It is the truth, that once you have it, it can NOT be cured, monitored, but not cured.

It is already a big blessing, that I can eat pretty much anything while taking Threelac and the other supplements , so I don’t have to worry about a hideous diet on top of everything else and once the body is cleansed it is possible to have the occasional glass of wine, piece of cake, or chocolate, but not on a regular base, because that and antibiotic brought me right back to square one.

When I am done cleansing, I will make sure to take my maintenance supplements and really make sure to watch what I eat and drink. That minor adjustment is not asked to much for , there are a lot of other health issues out there, where people have to restrict their eating habits and get used to it, no price is too high to pay for wellbeing, especially if it is as easy as keeping up with GHT products , a healthy diet, and I will enjoy my “treats” even more ! Take care, ~Lilo *

Hey guys,
I’ve checked in with you a number of times in the past since I consider you my ‘mentors from afar’. I’m very selective with those I take advice from and trust, and I appreciate your knowledge and your compassion to help people going through this. ~John *

…since I have been using your product my whole life has changed drastically. I have been able to live a more normal life than I have ever had for the past 10 years. And from the bottom of my heart & digestive system… Thanks again and I couldn’t have done this without your help….very satisfied customer. *

Dear Folks,

I’ve worked with hundreds of folks, myself included.
I’ve personally spent probably $3,000 trying to get rid of the candida – kept it in check, but did NOT get rid of it.
The ThreeLac took a mere 3 weeks to make a huge dent in things, and now, after about 6 weeks, there’s virtually none. When I think how much money I wasted I’d like to scream.
~ Linda Yates, Herbalist *

I started my daughter on the threelac 3 weeks ago and I told you I would keep you updated. She is 6 and suffers from devastating eczema (theoretically food allergy related) that has ebbed and flowed since she was 6 months old. It’s at its worst as of 2010 and we are about to escalate to drastic measures. A natural allergy doc pointed us to the idea of chronic candida & leaky gut so I wanted to try the threelac. Finally… last week, she seemed to turn a corner! …the eczema is reduced by 80% and hopefully will keep going til she has 100% happy, normal skin!!! So far – I am your biggest fan. ~Hilary *

Good Morning,

Thanks for your reply. I will place my order in the next day or two.

II have to tell you, ThreeLac has been life changing for me. I struggled with Candida for many years, tried so many things, and finally found you guys by doing a web search on Candida. As I read your information on line, I thought to myself  “it sounds like they understand my problem, so if they have a solution it has to be worth a try.”

The difference in my energy level is significant I am a runner and cyclist, and as a result I am pretty in tune with my body and how it is performing. I’m living a better life now, and I have you guys to thank. Best wishes for the holidays, -Dave *

Hi ya’ll,
I have been taking the Threelac products for almost 2 yrs. now.  All my life I have had gas and a distended abdomen. Plus a severe craving for sweets. Like an addict. It was terrible. I couldn’t have one bite of a sweet without gorging on the whole thing. But thank God I am free from all of that. I now take my Fivelac faithfully. If I forget my body will begin to remind me in ways that I don’t want to go back to. It used to be that I couldn’t eat without feeling bloated and miserable. Now I eat and eat to satisfy. I have lost 30lbs since beginning Fivelac. Of course, it was with conscious effort but not craving sweets has made it so much easier. I ate some grapes the other night and told my husband they were sweet enough to be candy. Can you imagine?  I am 44 yrs old and feel better than I have in years! Thanks for helping me achieve that. ~Steve and Donna S *


I just want to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful product !!!!
As I told you in previous letters that my Mom’s mouth was a mess and there wasn’t anything that she had taken helped her. I honestly thought she was going to die. I have never seen anything like this before. The yeast had made sores throughout her mouth with a thick coating of white stuff on her tongue. She also developed it in her vagina as well. I know that it was all the way through her. She has been on Threelac for 3 1/2 weeks now, her sores in her mouth are gone and her stomach pains and foggy head are gone. She still does have minor vaginal burning but nothing like it was. Needless to say, I am thrilled !! The product did EXACTLY what you said it would. She was amazed and so happy that it worked. She said she is going to stay on Threelac for life. I am just so happy to see her getting her strength back day by day and looking better and better. You truly were a God send.

For all those people out there that are suffering from this terrible yeast invasion, give the Threelac a try, don’t give up on it, keep taking it, it DOES work!!!

Thank You Thank you for saving my Mother’s life.
God Bless you !! ~Theresa B -Lockport NY *

I have no way to express the extent of my gratitude for your website and for the GHT candida program. Thank you, nonetheless.

… I have lived with this condition for roughly thirteen years. (That’s about the time my entry-level symptoms began to appear “all in my head”) Previous to that, I was plagued with “normal” yeast infections for about ten years. By the time I was introduced to your site, we had reached a point where we were certain that I would not live to see my grandchildren if we could not heal me. I am 36, and I am not exaggerating. …(now) I feel better than I remember feeling, well, ever. …I have hope, for possibly the first time in my life, that I will be okay. It’s been so long since I’ve felt normal…

Again, I thank you. ~Chelie D *

I am an educated, health conscious, and sometimes skeptical woman who never purchases unfamiliar products over the internet. Only after months and months of ill health and subsequent research into Threelac did I decide to order. Shortly after starting Threelac, my health changed dramatically. In brief, the chronic rash I had been getting on my face (a reaction to food colouring) disappeared; I dropped ten pounds (still off) without changing my lifestyle; my PMS virtually disappeared (previously I had been quite ill at times), and my overall health improved. None of this is an exaggeration. Thus, two and a half years later I still take Threelac. I remain a happy customer, happy the praise the benefits of Threelac and your website.
Thank you for your help. Yours remains the most outstanding website on
candida that I have found. ~Sincerely, Kelly D *

I received my Threelac and Oxygen and Enzymes last week. So far I am feeling better, in just 4 days of the product. what I have really noticed are;
1. No carb cravings…….I was just crazed by the need for simple carbs.
2. Less headaches
3. More energy already……………
4. Soooooooooooooo much less bloating and abdominal distension for 2 days now!
I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for about 15 years. All that EVER meant to me was that I had a name for how I felt. NO RELIEF!! Lately the exhaustion and the headaches have made me want to just give up!! I now live each day (only 5 days now) with HOPE that it will get better!! Thanks!! I think I know many who could use this product……….. ~Thanks, Jan *

I wanted to let you know that I started the Threelac at the end of May. The first two weeks I felt a little better but by the third week I really noticed a big difference in how I felt. I also noticed that I had lost 15 pounds. I was shocked because I had worked out five days a week for almost seven months and never lost a pound. I didn’t even work out the first two weeks on this product.

I noticed that I lost another three pounds and it hasn’t even been a full month yet. I didn’t tell any of my friends what I was doing until they noticed and asked me about it. Thank you, ~Errin *

Several years ago, I was having all the classic symptoms of candida. Irritable bowel syndrome was easily the worst of it, but I had tinea versicolor (a strange discoloring rash that I was told by doctors was “harmless”), joint pain, allergies and hives — the list goes on and on.

I had searched for something to help, and I came across your website. I don’t remember where I bought my first can of threelac, but the difference was noticeable in a couple days.

I just wanted to thank you for changing my life and let you know how much I appreciate it. I never got any help from doctors that I saw. Keep getting the message out there! ~Mary in Alberta, Canada *

Ps the threelac has helped me so much, I am so happy with it. I knew something was wrong, but no one could help me figure it out until I found you guys. Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Melissa *

My partner has been so terrible to be around for the past year that my daughter and I would get nervous when we heard her car in the drive. I had reached the point where I had insisted she move out.

She had tried all kinds of doctors, shrinks, antidepressants, you name it, but they all told her there was nothing physically wrong with her, and she just kept getting worse. She was so sick and discouraged that she was seriously contemplating suicide. I wanted to try to talk her out of it but if this was the best life had to offer her, I honestly couldn’t see what she had to live for.

About a month ago she was saying the she was sure her symptoms were related to living for years in mold-infested apartments. That got me thinking about my battle with Candida several years ago–I was so tired all the time, irritable, unreasonable and nothing helped until I went to a naturopath and got some herbal treatments.

Well, that doctor had retired, so I went online & started researching. That’s when I found you.

I got so excited as I was reading & I knew in my bones that this was the answer. I ordered the products & when they arrived, I was like the “supplement nazi.” I made a chart of how much she should take of what and for how long, and I checked on her three times a day to make sure she took it.

Everything happened just as you said. She immediately felt better, then amped, then worse (salt baths give her immediate relief), then better. The other morning she told me she got out of bed to walk to the kitchen and for the first time in YEARS, it didn’t hurt to move.

This morning she called me from the road, on her way to a music camp (she had even lost interest in her violin while she was ill, which was SERIOUS). She told me with tears in her voice that she was so happy to be alive. I truly believe that if another week had gone by before I found you, it would have been too late.
Thank you SO MUCH. You have saved her life and the sanity of the whole family. ~MW, San Diego *

Hi there!
I was just wanted to drop a note to you and let you know that we LOVE your product!! I was on the internet about 3 weeks ago in search of a healthy alternative for pharmaceuticals for my 3 year old son. I came accross your website and found it so informative and it was a breath of fresh air. I decided to get some and try it, since it is all natural and children are able to take it, we had nothing to loose. My son was diagnosed with PDD, which is high functioning autism about 1 year ago. The more research I have done on this, the more I find it can be helped and sometimes healed with a positive yeast treatment such as your product. The day I got the threelac I was so excited!! I started him on it the very next day, and let me tell you it was not pretty what was coming out. For about 4 days he had major leaky stools, and it seamed like he was just tired alot, not hungry, almost like a druggy in detox. After those 4 days though, he emerged as a happy little guy, his stools were still slighty runny, but every day since then they have gotten more normal. The best part of all this is, he is talking now, happy, sleeping so well, vibrant, full of energy, TONS of eye contact, loves to play… I could go on. We will keep him on this regimen for the suggested time for him, but we will always impliment it in his diet to keep him this way. What a difference it has made. He is enrolled in a special school as well, and I didnt tell his teachers about what we were doing, and all this week just to see if there was a noticible difference It has been praise after praise about how well he is doing. So anywyas, I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product, and for bringing back our little boy to us!! It makes us cry with joy now to here him laughing again, and playing with his sister. Thanks again!!

~Evanne M *

Subject: success!!

I just wanted to let you know that I completed my initial treatment of Threelac and ALL of my symptoms have disappeared! There were at least half a dozen problems I’ve had for years, and they’re all GONE. If I hadn’t experienced this, I wouldn’t believe it – it’s like a miracle!
Thank you for your help, and keep up the great work! ~Jen A *

I was about to order colored contact lenses, thinking that my once brilliant aqua eyes had faded with age. One week after starting ThreeLac, one of my clients complimented me on my gorgeous eyes. I was startled. I quickly looked in the mirror, and my bright eyes were back! I had no idea that the Candida had clouded the iris of my eyes. ~Deborah, Amelia Island, FL *

HI Marti & Jim,

Thank you for your email. I received the ThreeLac and Hydroxgen Plus last week and am taking two packs of ThreeLac and about 15 drops of Hydroxgen Plus daily. I must say, these products seem to be helping me, even at this early stage. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since 1993. I tried to go on a pure sugarless diet a few times, but always “slipped” after awhile even with the help of my natural healer. I would also like to become a member to save on future orders. How do I start the process?

Thanks, ~Joanne *

Dear Marti and Jim

The Candida Support Guide is excellent– you anticipated many of my questions and gave me faith to continue this plan. Only fellow “victims” could possibly understand how miserable systemic candida can be. It’s also reassuring to hear about this from the male point of view. Most literature/studies and reports are often slanted towards the female.

Linda S. *

Hi Jim and Marti,

All I can say is that your Threelac and oxygen elements and enzymes are literally a God send!!! And I mean that! Ariel has only been on them for three days, and we cannot believe the difference in her energy level and how her rash on her buttocks is clearing up. NO other product has given us these results. The Lamisil and steroid cream, we no longer would use because they are SO harmful to ones body. So we have tried numerous other natural products with little or no success. And seeing is believing that these products are outstanding!!!!!! People need to know about these wonderful products to put an end to their suffering. ~Lynn M *

I loved the candor and honesty of your site. I felt as though someone finally understood what was going on with my body. I loved the fact that you took your own personal misery and used it to help others. I also loved the fact that I emailed you in an absolute state of misery and panic about 3 weeks into my healing process and she was SO wonderful! I know you have full lives and the fact that you still reach out and make readers feel as though we’re NOT crazy is a really, really good thing! ~Nicole D. *


I just found your wonderful, supportive website today. I unfortunately ordered my first can of ThreeLac from another site about 10 days ago and I am already very unhappy with the support response I’ve received. I asked (my second or third email) about the yeast contained in the product and was told: “The product contains BENEFICIAL BACTERIA. If you don’t want to take it, don’t take it!”

~is there any way that I could be part of your group?  I need help and can’t get it from these people! Thank You, ~Virginia *

The help I have received from your site has literally brought tears to my eyes. I have been feeling like a failure because I just can’t seem to do what is needed to get rid of this stuff (candida). I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to create the helpful site and also for returning my email. You guys present the information in an easy step by step understandable format. I do live by a healthy diet but feel unable to live 100% on the candida diet…thank you so much!!! ~Kim *


Just thought I’d write a quick note and let you know that I took the Three Lac to my Chiropractor/Kinesiologist and had him muscle test me for its strength.

Well he was so impressed and said hes going to check into getting some for the office. It tested stronger than anything he has for candida.

Thanks again, ~Kathy G *

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and support. This is only my second box of threelac and my headaches are nearly all gone. I feel so good. I now can eat regular whole wheat bread with yeast in. I had to eat spelt bread without yeast all the time before. Sincerely, ~Lucy *

Thanks for replying so quickly. I gave my daugther just a tiny bit yesterday and today when she woke up her face was completely cleared! (She used to always have a few red spots around the mouth, which would always disappear with pharmaceuticals cream and then come back right away). We’ll see how the other things progress, but I am very encouraged so far. ~Isabel *

Subject: Amazed


A couple of months ago I had about reached my wits end. My energy level had reached about zero, I had recurring yeast infections, my thinking was not clear, I had headaches, poor sleep and I could go on. I usually look at websites like yours as “gimmicks”. However, because of the state of desperation I was in over my health condition I thought, “What the hell!” I purchased one can of Threelac and one bottle of Hydroxygen Plus and began to use as directed.

My health has taken an amazing turn. No headaches, plenty of energy, clear thinking, no yeast infections, I sleep better and I could go on even more. I have been able to stop taking, or cut back dramatically, on three prescription medications I have been on. I feel like a new person. I mean that sincerely.

I RARELY write a letter like this about a product I have purchased, because I rarely see results. That is not the case here. I am so very grateful I stumbled onto your website. I have now become a member of GHT so that I can make purchases at wholesale prices. Thank you for providing so much information and for making this wonderful product available.

With sincere gratitude, ~Alane *

Just wanted to let you know this works well. Been using it for over 3 months. Just had to write and let you know. ~Kathy H. *

I have been on the candida program for about 2 months and am seeing positive results.I am getting better-Of course hope to get to the promised land but in any case am grateful for any progress. Thanks! ~Robert D *

Hi again,

I’ve had sinus infections one right after another, after taking an antibiotic for each episode. This has been going on for the last 3 years continuously. Now, after taking the Three Lac, I’ve broken a NEW record: No sinus infection for the past 3 months. The allergist I go to told me that I had “thrush” in the throat from all the antibiotics. The throat hurt like fury – burning unbelievably, etc. That put me in touch with Brenda ——- who said that I might have candida. Wasn’t completely surprised by that remark, since my sister has fought candidia all of her adult life & she’s 76! So, I am very grateful for the change of health. Thanks again. Gratefully, ~Jill S *

Things are going well now, I have settled into a discipline and I am amazed at what I am experiencing. It seems that I am going backwards through all the symptoms that have presented themselves over the last few years and a few surprises too that manifested themselves.

I experienced blotches and red patches on my face (never know before), to which I applied Oxygen Elements diluted in water and it was cleared up in a day or so. I am experiencing pimples on various places in my body etc. No need to tell you what is happening as my body is fighting the candida and detoxifying.

In comparison to how I felt before I started taking GHT products, I am 100% better than I was and I look forward to feeling even healthier in the months to come.

My energy level and motivation has increased and now I feel able to contribute to a family need. A month ago this would have been an impossible physical act for me to contemplate or even undertake. Now I know that I am able to undertake this support need, with no hesitation, as I know that I am able to meet the needs required of me.

So there you go, apart from myself, there are many people in our family unit that give thanks, that I can once again fulfill my function as a ‘certified’ carer.

These products not only impact on oneself, but also have a dramatic affect on your loved ones too, once your individual health starts to be regained.

My Naturopath is astounded about my current health state and seeing that he has been (co incidentally) researching candida based health problems, he is eager for me to share my experiences with him and I have passed on as much information, from my research and personal experiences too him, which he is now sharing with his other clients.

It’s easy to ‘recognise’ a candida based situation, once you know what it is and are then willing to ‘confront’ it.

I believe that as individuals we know what is happening to our bodies, sometimes we need help to find out what it is, so that is why we should ourselves, follow our feelings and have courage of commitment for self healing.

As you can guess, I am converted, the money was and will continue to be well spent on GHT products and I can now finally stop doing the silly ‘medical round’, save my finances and start to “Live” my life again. I do use that word very precisely. To begin to “Live” and enjoy life again, not just exist in a set of compromising physical symptoms.

Thanks so much for your web site being there, in the first place to find and for the support, once you ‘engage’ in ridding yourself of this insidious affliction.

I am sharing the joy as much as I can, it is I think, also a spiritual responsibility to do so.

Shaking hands and sharing huggs with you both, from down under!.

Regards, ~Joseph *

Unbelievable!!! I have been battleing yeast infections for 20 years…..if I was on antibiotics I would start having symptons within 2-3 days. I started ThreeLac in July and ~ (due to medical conditions) have had to take antibiotics 3 times….did I get any signs of a yeast infection????? NOPE….not a one…..Thank you so much…I am a local promotor of your product….

Sincerely, ~Patti N Sarasota, Florida *

Dear Marti and Jim,

I do have a degree in pharmaceutics (PharmD) as well as my wife (BS Pharm). We have to tell you that we are (pharmacists) extremely impressed with your website and with your products. The presentation of the clinical condition, the market research, the clinical explanations in lay terms, the therapeutic approach- are very scientific and very medical-efficient presentations. Therapeutically it is excellent. Scientifically it is outstanding. One great point is the natural medicine approach strategy of this therapy, without side effects or harmful effects to the human body. Microbiologically speaking, it is a great scientific logical explanation/ approach.You covered diets, organism destruction methods such as fungal cell wall destruction, and destruction by fungal-nutrient starvation, and many other relevant aspects of the diagnostic and treatment methodology. Pharmaceutically speaking, it is a great theory and excellent methodology to incorporate to the alternative medicine armamentarium strategy. Congratulations for a brilliant presentation of a new alternative medicine tool.

Best regards,
O. Perera, RPh, PharmD
Clinical pharmacist *

I wanted to send a sincere thank you to you guys. I went to my doctor time and time again for mental problems and just overall discomforts but after specialists couldn’t fit me in (aparently everyone went crazy right before me) he finally told me that I wasn’t following his advice, and promtply showed me the door. All the better. I knew something was awry with my body, things were just different and had been for about a year or two. I was coming apart at the seams, gaining weight, and just feeling poor all around. I did a lot of reading on the web and I found your guys site. Needless to say I was more than skeptical, but I just got finished re-ordering more threelac. I’ve become managable again. I wake up at the same time everyday without an alarm clock, I can actually eat, enjoy my meal, and not feel like I’m going to fall asleep afterward. My hair has changed dramatically. I can easily stay awake all day at my desk now. There’s more, as well as more to come I’m sure. Thanks for helping me take part in everyday life again.

P.S. It tastes good too. =] *

I was one of those people that the doctors said was perfectly healthy (even though I felt miserable). I could not digest food very well and got to where I could not sit in a car for more than 5 minutes without having to stand up because I was so uncomfortable and felt so much pressure. I was a skeptic but began feeling better a couple of days after beginning ThreeLac. I have went on to be able to drive again and I have incredible energy and can eat normally. I would not have believed such an improvement had I not experienced it. I have only taken this at half-dose for three weeks. At four weeks, I will go up to the full dose. I just recently got a great job with great pay and benefits. I just wondered what would have happened to me had I not found this product. I was so lethargic and felt incredibly disabled.. Thank you for all your information from this site. This information with the product has literally saved my life! ~Cathy *

About a week ago, I received my ThreeLac. I was hopeful, but I was NOT prepared for what has been the almost COMPLETE elimination of the chronic pain which has plagued me for nearly a year down my left leg (sciatica) and knee joint! After two months of physical therapy which did not relieve the condition and having to make an appointment with a NEUROLOGIST…I am pain free and do not have to take those two Advil a day and Tylanol PM every night. THANK YOU! I just ordered the Hydrogen PLUS as it is supposed to create an even better environment for the ThreeLac to work in.

With regard to the Candida.. I don’t think there is anything else I can point to. However, while I have been (and am still) taking Erythromycin to try and heal stubborn sores on my chin, it is interesting to note that the antibiotics, alone, have NOT done the job. BUT…my face actually seems BETTER since I began taking TWO doses of ThreeLac each day. PLUSSSSSS

I noticed that I just feel somehow lighter and more “on top” of everything I do and have a return of the energy I have always enjoyed. Of course, chronic pain drains one of much energy, so this RELIEF, alone, could be the reason for that. Thanks for your response, ~Jane *

Wow! Soo far soo good! I feel sooo much better. Thank you for asking. I’m hoping that I won’t have any infection this month, but I’ll try not to be disappointed if I do. But I am amazed how much better I physically felt after the first day even. You are my heroes! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I am ever soo thankful I came across your site!!

~Dawn *

I have better news this time. I can tell that I’m getting there. Huge change. The headaches are gone, the rash is gone, the breast pain is gone. The burning and vaginal pain is almost a thing of the past; I get that maybe three times a week now for the last two weeks. Wonderful. the only major symptom I have left is the urinary pain, and even that has lessened. That was my first symptom to appear when all this started, and I have been told that they disappear in reverse order; so that will be the last one to disappear. I noticed at Christmas that I was having a few pain-free days, and they were more and more, the pain times being less and less.

Thats my good news! thanks, Marti ~Michelle *

The healing is going well. This is the first product that has truly attacked the problem. I have been fighting candida for years, and have had problems for years before I knew what is was. It’s my hope and prayer is that Three Lac will heal me 100%. ~John *

I am still taking the three lac and it has taken away the mouth and ear problems but if I stop taking it the itching comes back. I can think clearer, making it easier to stay on task. ~Debbie *

I’ve been on the products for over 3 mos. and started noticing a difference after several weeks. I had terrible fatigue which is about 70% alleviated. I had “brain fog” which is about 60% better and much less bloating. I’ve had a candida problem for 20 years (just an estimate). Anyway to say it’s ruined my life is an understatement. My immune system is still very weak from years of the candida which as you know undermines it. I’ve been using both the 3lac and Oxygen Elements.

A friend of mine started taking the products and it cleared up a rash that she had had for a long time. Your website is put together well and caught my eye and I’m glad it did. Anyway, I know this is a business for you, but I hope it’s providing very well for you because these are good products. Take care.

~Kathy *

Dear Marti and Jim,

Thank you so much for getting back to me! I am so thrilled that each day now, I seem to get better. Will continue on w/ ThreeLac.

She also has me on Intestinal Repair Complex, by Biogenics, and feels that a probiotic won’t be as effective without it, as the Repair Complex heals and rebuilds the intestinal wall, so a probiotic can adhere in the first place.

Both these products, Intest. Repair Complex and ThreeLac are helping me far more than anything I have ever used. And believe me, I have been everywhere (Western and alternative), and taken many products, drugs, etc. Thank you again so much for you response. ~Jayne *

You can’t imagine how excited we are to have found a cure for candida – it’s just unbelievable. We pinch ourselves daily! ~Alyson *

Thank you for your letter.

I have been using ThreeLac, two packets per day, for about a month, and have noticed quite an improvement. I’m trying to be pretty careful about my diet; some ‘backsliding’ around Easter with chocolate, unfortunately.

I normally eat low-carb and try to avoid sugar and simple carbs, and I believe this helps a lot. I have experienced a major healing of some eczema that I have been fighting for over six years, which is great. My skin tone overall is much better, too. ~Gayle *

Thanks so much for the quick reply. You all are doing great things out there. Thanks for your research! My friend has been on the threelac since wed and says she hasn’t felt better in 10 years….that is a blessing! ~jill *

I wanted to let you know that it was your web site that led me to the answer of one major problem I have had since I was 26 years old. I lost all my hair.

I started taking ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements Plus November 5, 2004, I am finishing my second can and waiting for my third can of ThreeLac and 3 bottles of Oxygen Elements Plus. My hair started growing 3 weeks after I started taking the products. I check the growth every morning. Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming since it has been so very long since I lost my hair.

I have never found anything that attacked the yeast this way. These are products that I have no problem remembering to take.

I no longer have trouble with my blood sugar, with brain fog, with yeast infections (I had one when I started taking the products and it disappeared). I am so excited to experience the end of some things and the beginning of others.

Thank you for leading me to the products that have made a gigantic difference in my life. ~Jennifer *

These next emails are from one person over a 4 month period


I have just ordered the ThreeLac. I could identify right away with all your problems and symptoms. I believe I have had a candida problem for many years and never knew it. My father has it but if I tell him what I think it is he’d never believe me. He has fungus under the nails and rashes all over his arms and legs.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 8 years ago. It started with what I thought was a terrible case of the flu and I never got better. Then a few days later, my heart started going crazy. I can’t tell you how many times I went to the emergency room because I thought I was having a heart attack. Over the course of these 8 years, I’ve discovered that these heart “blips” and irregular beats are due to food allergies. I never had food allergies in my entire life. So, I had to go off all caffeine, chocolate, some fruits (especially bananas), most fermented foods, etc. I’m also allergic to red food dyes and perfumes/colognes. It was a process of trial and error to see what I could eat and what I couldn’t. Lately orange juice has been bothering me so I only drink it 2 or 3 times a week. Never had a problem with OJ before. I’ve found that I can eat a food for awhile and then it will build up in my system to the point where I’ll have an allergic reaction to it. It always gives me symptoms like an arrhythmia or a rapid heart beat. That is so annoying that I’m more than happy to give up the food that’s causing it.

Right now I’m suffering with a fungus on my skin. I get it on my neck (especially around my period when the hormones change), and I have patches of it on my one elbow and in the vaginal area. It’s horrible and I can’t wait to get rid of that. It has to be candidiasis because I don’t know what else it could be. I will be so anxious to see how the ThreeLac works on all of this. The fatigue is pretty bad some days but since I’m a single parent I have to work, although some days I wish I didn’t have to. I’m thinking this may not all be fibromyalgia, that the candida is causing most of the symptoms that act like it. I have blurred vision, and unclear thinking many days. My memory isn’t so great, either.

How is this passed from one family member to another? My son, who is 10, has a lot of fatigue and was also diagnosed with ADD when he was 5. He’s sick a lot with sore throats and upper respiratory problems and is a very low-energy kid. Also, I notice that he’s starting to get small blemishes on his face already at his age. Do you think he may have this also?

I’ll be very anxious to hear from you. Thank you for any information you can provide. ~Christine *


Hello Marti & Jim,

I started taking the ThreeLac 3 days ago after I did the spit test and almost immediately the long tentacles snaked their way to the bottom of the glass.I was horrified to see this. Right away I had my 10-yr old son do the same thing. His was fine, with nothing showing up at all (thank goodness), but I will continue to test him. Last night I started itching all over, enough that it kept me awake most of the night. I’m not taking the Hydroxygen at the present time and have started slowly with only 1 packet per day. I’d like to take more but I’m afraid the itching will only worsen.

The itching slowed down somewhat this morning and then right after I took another dose it started up again. What is the best thing to combat this…enzymes, the Hydroxygen??

Thanks you for any information you can give me! ~Christine

Then Again

>>>Good news…the itching has stopped. I ordered the other products and they should be arriving next week. I’m not having too much trouble with constipation yet, although I’m only taking 1 packet per day. Maybe if I were taking more it might be a problem. Since the itching has stopped, I may increase it now to see what happens. I’ll let you know how things progress.


And again

Hi Jim and Marti, Just wanted to let you know how great I feel since I’m using the ThreeLac. Most of my pain is gone (what I thought was mostly fibromyalgia and wasn’t), and I have much more energy, clearer thinking and just feel better overall. This is a wonderful product. Along with the other products, it’s an unbeatable combination. So far, I’ve had no die-off problems or no other negative reactions from this product. Because I was tired all the time, everything was overwhelming. Now I have less pain and more energy. I’m very greatful for this product and what it has done for me so far. My sinuses are clearer (had dripping sinuses all the time), and even my itchy scalp is gone. Food allergies have all but disappeared, but still have to watch my caffeine intake. It’s getting better everday.

I’m glad to join the others that have been helped and have had their lives turned around because of this product.

Best wishes, ~Christine

3 Months Later…

Hi Marti/Jim,

Thanks so much for the newsletter. It’s always very informative and I enjoy reading it. I’m still on ThreeLac (at a maintenance level) and continue to do very well on it. It really has changed my life. My sore throat is gone permanently, the rash on my neck is gone, I have more energy and clearer thinking. I still have a few food allergies (especially fruit juices for some reason), but for the most part it’s better. I told a friend of mine in Florida and she told her friend about ThreeLac. Her friend gave it to her son who had an ongoing problem with halitosis. The next day the bad breath was gone and they tried everything on the market and couldn’t find a cure except for ThreeLac. The mother also tried it because she, also, has fibromyalgia. She feels much better and is wondering if most of the symptoms were from candida and not from fibromyalgia. She is thrilled with the product. It is truly remarkable and I will continue to get the word out about it. ~Christine

END Christine *

I have been yeast infection free for 6 months (after 10 years) and I owe it all to you. Thanks, ~Sandy *

Your product has done more for me in one week than anything else I have tried. I sound just like so many of your other emails…yes, your product is miraculous. I just need more. SOS…! Thanks in advance. ~Nancy *

Dear Jim,

During the holidays I let myself run out of Threelac. I was just to busy and blah, blah, blah… But lately my skin has looked awful; breaking out in rashes, exceedingly dry. I know it’s because of my guts. My sister, Jean Sayre, continues to show improvement in her health, her skin looking beautiful like it used to. Her doctor thinks it’s because of the high carb diet she is suppose to be on. Jean doesn’t tell her doctor that she really isn’t following the high carb diet. She just smiles. I knew it was time now to get serious about the Threelac myself. I appreciate your interest.

Sincerely, ~Edward *

Dear Marti and jim,

Two weeks ago, I was miserable, run down, constipated, irritable and on lustral for postnatal depression which also wasn’t going away.Whilst scouring the net, I came across info about systemic candida and threelac. When i asked the doctor, she shrugged, (systemic candida is not recognised at all in the UK) and referred me back to the G.U. clinic.  So I decided to try threelac. Hoping and praying it would work. One week on threelac, and I am a different person. I have stopped the antidepressants; dont need them anymore. I am comfortable for the first time in years, have a pain free sex life for the first time ever!! And my body is working like a well oiled set of cogs. This is wonderful – if you want to use any part of this testimony to help others in the same position then please do, and god bless you for spreading the word.

Please write back, your support and advice would be so welcome.

Sincerely, ~Helen *

Dear Marti and Jim,

I just wanted to say “thanx”, because I ordered your anti-candida program from your website about a year ago, I have been taking it ever since, and I have had UNBELIEVABLE results! I NEVER “do” this kind of thing–order products based on an advertisement— it’s just common knowledge that ads are usually B.S. and products usually don’t work as they are advertised to. Well, something about your website spoke to me in some way, I think it was reading all those positive testimonies from people experiencing similar symptoms to what I was experiencing….. There was also something very sincere about your writing….Whatever it was, I thank you deeply because it brought me to the solution to my very very very debilitating problems…… To give some details…….

For years I didn’t know what was “wrong” with me. I had strange “tingling” sensations in my head coupled with tremendous “brain fog”–I’d walk around in a daze, I felt like I could barely think clearly, I experienced a lot of confusion, and also had the weird symptom of feeling like I couldn’t track things well with my eyes. These symptoms seemed particularly bad during or after a meal (interesting in restrospect). So….I went to an eye doctor–nothing wrong; went for an MRI–nothing wrong; went to a Neurologist–many tests later–nothing wrong; went to a nutritionist who wanted to put me on an all vegetable diet, forget it! Upon close examination I did notice that these sensations/symptoms seemed completely linked to food….so I considered different food allergies, but no matter what I eliminated my symptoms remained during and after eating. I considered multiple food allergies but just couldn’t go through the very restrictive elimination diets that nutritionists would suggest for an acurate diagnosis. I began to crave sugar and bread so much that eliminating them seemed IMPOSSIBLE. I went back and forth to medical doctors and to nutritionists trying to figure out what was causing this…and my many visits were fruitless! The doctors were absolutely Clueless (it’s kind of scary to see HOW clueless they can be!!!) Doctors started suggesting, out of their own lack of knowledge, that this was a “psychological” problem and that I should speak to a psychiatrist. I might have agreed with them but…. I saw how Clueless they were and how ineffective they were as diagnosticians PLUS I am a psychologist myself—— and being an objective person as well, I knew for sure I wasn’t having psychological problems. I’m one of those really “normal” people, yes I know that’s SO subjective, but in the typical sense of the word I have always been pretty “normal”. So I started investigating things on my own. I got to the point of realizing that all these busy, and Clueless doctors sure wouldn’t have the time or reason, or ability to really look into this for me!

I typed in my symptoms (tingling, brain fog, multiple food allergies) on every website possible and after some time (quite a bit of time) did come upon info on Candida Albicans overgrowth and related symptoms. Upon reading just a little bit I knew immediately that this was “It” because all the pieces finally fit and made sense (I had to suffer for SEVEN years before finding that this was the cause of my pretty strange symptoms!) SO……first I tried eliminating sugar, bread, fermenting things etc… but I found this SOOOO hard to do, basically impossible because the cravings were just too strong. I then tried cutting back on these foods, and taking supplements such as Paul D Arco Tea, garlic, B Complex, Green Tea, eating lots of yogurt and basically ANYTHING else recommended by candida websites. The effects of these supplements were minimal. I still had tremendous brain fog, and multiple food allergies……..I was walking around feeling almost unconscious!

SO to make a long story a little shorter….I finally happened upon your website……… ordered your program with a lot of skepticism (basically I expected it wouldn’t work but really hoped it would)……

WELL, within one month ALL my symptoms had DISAPPEARED! Now it’s a year later and NONE of my symptoms have returned! The only thing I remain allergic to is “aspartame”, which is fine because I can still eat everything else that I love!

For the first 3 months I took 4 threelacs a day, then reduced to 2 a day permanently. In addition I take 2 Active Enzymes a day. I also have MORE ENERGY than every before! I feel GREAT!!! Thank you SO much!


Something has to be done to better educate doctors! ~Heidi *

Hi Marti and Jim

I’m getting good results with Threelac, oxygen Max and Coral Complete and have just placed my second order. my energy levels have increased. Best of all, my Kinesiologist tested the products on me (using a muscle testing technique based on acupuncture) and said that they’re definitely working and what was a 99% systemic candida infestation is down to 80%, in under 2 weeks!

I’m thrilled. I know it’ll be months before I’m completely cured, but i’m so happy to have found an answer and a solution 🙂

Thank you very much for being so helpful and supportive and for all that you do. Gratefully, ~Dianna *

dearest marti and jim,

i am so pleased to tell you that the crazy die-off has suddenly eased up. i am still taking four packets and the other products and i am waking up feeling quite well. the fuzzy brain feeling has almost completely gone. i absolutely love you guys. ~fareah *

Dear Marti & Jim,

I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for ThreeLac & your Yeast Recovery program. I was very ill before I came across your website about these products. I had spent 100’s of dollars on medical tests & consultations trying to find out what was wrong with me, all to no avail. I also spent 100’s of dollars on natural supplements hoping something would help me, but nothing did. I was so tired that I took 3 hour naps most days in addition to 9 hours at night.

I had no energy and no drive. I sank into depression because no one could “fix” me and I felt 1/2 dead. That’s when I stumbled onto your internet site.

After reading your testimonials, I realized that what was making me sick was a major candida overgrowth. I ordered your Yeast Recovery program and within 3 weeks I was a whole new person! I wasn’t taking naps anymore, I started working out again, and I felt so much better. I am no longer depressed, or tired. I go all day long on about 7 hours sleep, and I feel better than I can ever remember. I put my whole family on ThreeLac, and they all feel much better. We are amazed and completely sold on these products.

Thanks so much for putting the info out there and changing lives, ~April *


I thought I would write and tell you that I have been using threelac for several months now and it has truly proven to be a wonderful product. I suffered from chronic yeast infections for about a year and a half. I saw my doctor once a month and was taking 4 pharmaceuticals a month to try and control it but it seemed to just get worse. It got to the point where the pharmaceuticals didn’t even seem to touch it. I became depressed and I didn’t think I would ever be rid of it. I started looking on the web for any info I could get about yeast and that’s when I found your websight. I thought your sight was very informative so I ordered your program. I was desperate and a bit apprehensive because lets face it there are a lot products out there and none of them really work. I know because I tried most of them! Since I have been taking threelac I have not had to put one more penny in my doctors pocket or spend anymore money on pharmaceuticals. I would also like to add that my sister had been dealing with this same issue for over 4 years. She was very hard to convince and made me try threelac for at least a month before she would give it a try. She has been yeast free for three months. We are both extremely excited about this product and definitely true believers! Thank You ~Holly *

Marti and Jim,

I just had to give you an update on my progress with your ThreeLac program. I just can’t believe how good I feel, and how well my family is doing! I did something incredible today. I took my two kids to the food store in the middle of the afternoon, and there were no tantrums, meltdowns, or crying fits. As crazy as it sounds, this is tremendous for us! Just a couple of months ago, my four-year-old daughter and I would both be a wreck at that time of day. If we tried to do any shopping in the afternoon, my daughter would be so tired, she’d sit down in the middle of the store and refuse to move. I’d get angry, and it would only get worse from there. Now that our candida problem is getting under control, we both have more energy, she’s a tremendously well-behaved little girl, and I have TONS more patience dealing with normal pre-schooler behavior.

ThreeLac has been a big part of our recovery. I’ve had almost all of the candida symptoms at one time or another for the last 15 years. Never very serious, but always something. About four months ago, I started ThreeLac three times a day. Although my symptoms were never very serious, the candida has been very persistent. … I haven’t felt this good in years! Of all the things I’ve tried the diet and the ThreeLac are the only things that have consistently helped. My husband, my daughter and my son (9mos old) are also taking ThreeLac. About six months ago, my daughter started to get fussier, and always seemed to be miserable and tired. She would cry at least once a day over something–all sorts of little things that shouldn’t have upset her so much. I kept looking at her, thinking, “There must be something wrong. She must be sick in some way to act like this.” A couple of weeks later, I stumbled across your information about candida. I realized that this was probably what was making me feel awful, and might be affecting my daughter, too. We both started on ThreeLac (as well as my son, since he had symptoms of thrush). My daughter has gone from being a whiny, miserable child back to her cheerful self… It amazes me.

I checked out your new website, and really enjoyed reading the testimonials. I would love to see more of how other people are doing long-term on ThreeLac.

Thanks for everything. ~Chris *

I really appreciate the “Candida Recovery Guide” you guys put together. I just had my first “yo-yo” a few days ago. I just cut back on the Threelac and rode it out for about two days. Everything now better than before.

Jonathon Wright is a name you are probably familiar with. He has a clinic in Renton, Wa. I am a patient there.

I have just e-mailed Beth McCarty, their operations manager with your link and the following comments:

“I used your Candida yeast protocol, which does require a very strict diet. This diet is so strict that it is almost impossible to keep, and very modest cheating caused the symptoms to re-appear. As a part of my research, I came across several websites for the Global Health Trax line of products. I choose this particular website because it involves people who have personally suffered from yeast infections, who had previously used both your protocol and that of main stream medicine, and who responded well to my e-mail questions prior to purchase.

I was impressed with the level of research and personal experience behind their recommendations, and the fact that you did not have to alter your diet.
I was also impressed that they addressed systemic problems, as well as just the intestinal overgrowth.

The other thing which I have found to be very impressive is the “Candida Recovery Guide”, which is e-mailed once you order the products. This reads like a bible, with subheadings. I can e-mail them with a questions and have a response within several hours.

I have now been on their products for 3 or 4 weeks, and have found the products to work as advertised. I have found it more effective to use a modified diet and completely avoid trigger foods during my initial stages. My symptoms have almost completely subsided even though I am back on my normal diet, with the exception of ice cream which will still trigger cramps.

Beth tells me that she will be taking this information to their staff meeting in the near future. I am actively advising them on how to improve their practice, based on my personal experience with them.
Best regards, ~Larry C. *

Dear Marti and Jim

As for my progress to date, I think the Threelac is absolutely wonderful. Thankyou for all of the information on your web-site that encouraged me to try it. I was told by my doctor/homeopath and also my naturopath that I no longer had candida!

Finally, once again, thankyou, thankyou. Whilst it is still early days, I am very happy so far with the Threelac, and hope to take it on-going. I have a long history of health issues and it is wonderful to experience some relief, and finally start to feel ‘normal’ again. ~Melissa L -Australia *

ThreeLac cleared my 9 year food intolerance and rash that had started
out as hives and then progressed to weeping hives that would take a
long time to heal. No more weeping hives now, and the itching is
practically gone. The GERD (gastro-enteric reflux disease) is gone as
well. I can sleep flat now. My energy is back, I’m on the road to
healing and health. Thanks so much, I’m glad I bumped into your site.
I’m passing on this great find to others. ~Shellie G *



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