How I Got My Life Back: Marti’s Story of Candida & Candida Treatment

September 13th, 2018 by Marti Ayres White

There is a reason we sell Global Health Trax Candida-fighting products (and it’s not to finance our yacht. Haha! We do have a couple of kayaks!)

No, the reason we sell ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™ and try to offer information and support to our customers is because I have been there. I personally have struggled with Candida.

My name is Marti. I am one of the owners of Candida Support. And this is my story.

Early Health Challenges

As I was growing up, antibiotics were given for every fever, cold and scraped knee. Along with that, my family raised cattle, so we ate plenty of antibiotic-laden beef. I’m sure I was also exposed to toxic agricultural pesticides during those years, as well as a mouth full of mercury (“silver”) fillings.

At 25, after suffering from chronic fungal ear infections for over a year, I was finally diagnosed with hypoglycemia, a type of blood sugar instability that is considered “prediabetic.”  And, all of this also pre-disposed me to fungal Candida overgrowth.

Then, the summer my husband and I got married, I got a horrific sinus infection and took 10 days of full-spectrum antibiotics. I finished the drugs and still had the infection. So, ANOTHER, different, 10-day course of a high-powered antibiotic was prescribed.

That fall, I became pregnant with our son, and soon after he was born, we went through about 8 or 9 months of extreme stress in our lives, from a variety of sources. I kept thinking that “once things settled down,” I would feel better, but it never happened.

I couldn’t seem to lose my “baby weight” and insanely craved sugar and carbohydrates. I went to the doctor, who ruled out diabetes, mononucleosis, and thyroid problems—as well as cancer and heart disease.

My hormones were a little “off,” but still normal for someone who had been pregnant and nursing. Still, this went on and on… for years.

Making Parenting Harder Than Needed

My most significant symptoms were overwhelming fatigue and a hard, bloated belly, (especially after I ate), itchy ears and scalp, and a constant ache in my lower back. Every day after work I would pick my son up at pre-school, and then have to lie down for a half hour before I fixed supper. I felt so bad. I hadn’t seen him all day, but Mommy had to rest before she could get on with the next part of her life. It seemed so unfair, to both of us.

How a Chiropractor Made The Difference

I talked to our chiropractor about my persistent low back pain. I even had him take an X-ray to make sure I didn’t have some kind of fracture or ruptured disc. The X-ray came back normal, of course. He began asking me about other symptoms, talked to me about Candida, and put me on the Candida Diet and some herbal anti-fungals.

I will always be grateful to that dear man for digging deeper and diagnosing my condition. And, as long as I adhered to the diet, I felt really great!

But, as any of you who have tried it know, the Candida Diet can be grueling.

Now, we were in our son’s elementary school years, so there was many a PTA potluck where I ended up eating carrot sticks, because everything else there was forbidden. Of course, I occasionally “cheated”–but each half glass of wine with girlfriends, or tiny bite of birthday cake, or lick of ice cream, or mushrooms, or yeast, or vinegar, etc., and all my symptoms came roaring back and then some. Anti-fungal herbs seemed to help as long as I was on the diet, but as soon as I wavered, forget it!

One day in 2002, I was on the Internet, searching once again for something that would help my condition. I ran across a new product called ThreeLac™.

The people selling it said that ThreeLac™ would control Candida WITHOUT THE DIET! Could this possibly be true?

Our budget was tight at the time and it seemed like quite an investment. On the other hand, I thought about all the money I had spent on herbs, on special yeast-free bread and other exotic foods I needed to stay true to the diet. My Candida had been quite an ongoing investment for years.

I thought about how I was missing out on my son’s childhood because I never had any energy.

Our Candida Recovery Journey Begins

I talked it over with my husband, Jim, (who by this time had developed Candida symptoms of his own). We decided it would be worth it to Get Our Lives Back.

And, that is exactly what happened. Both of us felt the difference within days of our first dose of ThreeLac™.

There were ups and downs, which we learned was typical of a detox scenario (To learn more about detox, please check out our free Candida Detox Recovery Guide). I developed a few symptoms I hadn’t had before, like a skin rash and a vaginal yeast infection. We were working with a natural healer, who explained that this was the body’s way of flushing out the Candida. Those new symptoms soon subsided, and I continued to feel better and better.

I could DO so many more things! I went back to a vigorous yoga practice, started walking daily, rode bikes with our son, hiked with friends, and kayaked. Now, I still do all those things; but I have also started using the weight machines at the “Y” and Stand Up Paddleboarding!

None of this would have been possible before I started treatment with ThreeLac™.

I experimented with food, trying to eat a healthy diet and be moderate. (I noticed, for instance, that if I ate a lot of sugar, I had to take a LOT of ThreeLac™!). After a time, I came up with a diet that worked well for me: lots of vegetables, a little dairy, no gluten, some meat. An occasional, small sweet treat.

I have noticed that my husband, Jim, who eats basically the same diet I do, can tolerate a bit more carbohydrate than I can. (See a video of Jim’s Candida story here.)

Everyone is different, so we recommend starting with a basically healthy diet and experimenting to see what works best for you.

I take a maintenance dose of ThreeLac™ daily to maintain a symptom-free state. Plus, once or twice a year a “cleanse” with Candizolv™ makes sure to get at any Candida that has taken hold throughout the body.

How Candida Support Was Born

We were excited when an opportunity presented itself to sell these products because we knew we could help other people suffering from this condition.

When we began our online company, we put together a Mission Statement:

Candida Support, Inc., is committed to offering our customers the highest quality and most effective Candida-fighting products available and to supporting each customer on the journey to health and healing.

No, we are not doctors or healthcare providers, but we have been through our own Candida treatment and recovery journey. Hopefully, we can offer you some support and insight.

Yours for Health & Healing,

Marti & Jim at Candida Support

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