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Candizolv for Candida, Valley Fever

Chitinase and chitosanase are THE particular enzymes  able to dissolve the hard chitin in the wall of the yeast cell.  Candizolv™ is brought to you by Global Health Trax (GHT), the Digestive Experts,  exclusively through our website, Candida  Candizolv™ is a blend of chitinase, chitosanase and other yeast dissolving enzymes in perfect balance. It is completely safe and effective.

Candizolv™ is the first chitinase Candida product made in the U.S.A.!

Candizolv-60ct-SuppFactsCandizolv™ is fat soluble and establishes itself in the fat cells of your body. It is slowly released over time to weaken all fungal yeast cells, no matter where they are within your body!

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These enzymes dissolve chitin. But the human body has no natural chitin in it so these enzymes have no effect at all on our bodies. Candizolv™ is dangerous only to the chitin-coated yeast cells that are migrating throughout your body and causing you problems!

How can I know your Candizolv™ is a more pure product than the foreign CCWS product?

Some History

Since 2002 our company, Candida, has sold ThreeLac™ as the world’s best Candida product. ThreeLac™ tears into the fungal factory in the gut and decimates it. We sold 3 other products to help attack Candida in its systemic form which worked fairly well, but the program relied heavily on the power of  ThreeLac™. Now things have changed for the better!

As of December 1st, 2014, with Candizolv™ Systemic Candida Treatment, we have the perfect power pairing for Candida – ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™ together – which we call Candida Complete™.

We have purchased and studied other Candida products for all these years. What we typically found was products with new configurations of the same old ingredients – all of them lacking sufficient power to do more than antagonize your Candida.

It wasn’t until 2012 when we chanced upon the enzymes chitinase and then chitosanase, that we found substances that caught our attention. Who knew there were particular enzymes that uniquely dissolved chitin (pronounced KITE-in) which is what the tough fungal Candida cell wall is made of? After 1 1/2 years of study and research on its power against systemic Candida we then studied how to manufacture it in an FDA approved, safe manner. Our parent company, Global Health Trax (GHT), has brought this all to fruition with our new product, Candizolv™.

Harnessing its safe and unique blend of chitinase, chitosanase and other candida enzymes Candizolv™ offers a periodic “Candida cleanse” effective against systemic Candida Yeast overgrowth.

Candizolv™ and ThreeLac™ together form a complete Candida program. They kill both the systemic form of the yeast and also attack the fungal factory in the gut.


Safe chitinase – A new generation of Fungal Fighters

Yeast Cell Chitin Candizolv Valley Fever

Yeast cell starting to duplicate

The wall of the candida yeast cell is partly made up of chitin (pronounced kite-in), which is an incredibly hard substance that protects the cell.

(more from National Inst. of Health)

Chitinase is a Candida dissolving enzyme that works by dissolving the tough chitin. If you’ve ever tried to crush a flea or tick between your fingers you know what I mean. They hop away! And yes, their outer shell is made of chitin. The hard chitin helps these creatures SURVIVE – and it is the same with Candida cells.

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Candizolv™ for Valley Fever

Candizolv™ may also be helpful with another fungal disease – this one airborne. It is known by the names Coccidioides immitis, “Cocci”, “Valley Fever”, “San Joaquin Valley fever”, and “California fever”.

From Wikipedia:

Coccidioides is a genus of dimorphic ascomycetes in the family Onygenaceae

Dimorphic fungi are fungi which can exist as mold/hyphal/filamentous form or as yeast. An example is Penicillium marneffei:

Several species are potential pathogens, including Coccidioides immitis,[3] Paracoccidioides brasiliensis,[3] and Candida albicans,[4].  link

Valley Fever and Candida are made of the same substances and are both fungal cells that cause trouble when allowed to roam free in our bodies. It’s likely that Candizolv™ may be effective against the Valley Fever fungal cell, too.

Candizolv™ weakens the wall of a fungal Candida yeast cell. We know that for a fact. So much so that our bodies can then destroy the yeast cell once it’s unprotected by its tough chitin layer. The two types of cells, Cocci (Valley Fever) and Candida, are essentially the same in their makeup.


Wiki says of Coccidioides (Cocci):  “Cell wall: Like most pathogenic fungi, the cell wall of Coccidioides immitis is rich in chitin and chitin metabolism is a reasonable target for the design of antifungal agents.” Here’s the  link

Candizolv™ is only $99.95 with Free ShippingCandizolv for Candida, Valley Fever

Candizolv™  need not be taken all the time. One bottle lasts 30 days at 2 capsules/day. Over that first 30 days it stores itself in fat cells and then continues to release in your body for an additional 30 days.

For Valley Fever, after the first bottle, wait 3 months and take another bottle the same way. Candizolv™ is safe. Candizolv’s™ enzymes dissolve chitin. But the human body has no natural chitin in it so Candizolv™  has no effect at all on anything occurring naturally in our bodies.

Candizolv™ is dangerous only to the chitin-coated fungal yeast cells that are causing you problems!

Note: Our ThreeLac™ product would have no or little effect against Cocci as Cocci does not originate nor propagate in the gut, but enters victims through the breath.

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For Candida!

ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™ together =  Candida Complete™.

Where to Start?

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