Video: Why the Candida Diet Does Not Work!

July 15th, 2017 by James White

Candida Diet: Necessary “Evil” or Unnecessary?

During our live Q&A Session, Candida Support co-founder, Jim White answered a frequently-asked question, “what about eating sweets?” In other words, this customer wanted to know whether it was necessary to follow the Candida Diet. Jim’s answer may surprise you!


Edited Transcript

For your reading convenience, here is an edited version of the transcript of the video above:

Customer: Do you ever cheat and eat sweets? (I know that’s contrary to the Candida Diet.) That’s a biggie for me.

Jim White: If you are beyond the first, roughly three months of your cleansing period, we tell people to hold off on the refined sugars. But just refined sugars. So, not something like an apple or a strawberry, but refined sugar, including also honey.

Please stay away from those kinds of sweets for just the first two or three months.

After that, our products are so powerful, that you don’t really have to be super-strict, and you certainly don’t have to be on the Candida Diet. I think we are the only people who will tell you that. And our competition just hates us for saying it. They say, “How dare they say that?”

Well, it’s because our products work like nobody else’s. So, with us, it’s not about the diet. It’s about the power of these products.

Here’s two reasons why:

First, if you could do the Candida Diet perfectly, you wouldn’t need our products. In fact, you wouldn’t need anything because the Candida Diet starves the yeast. So, if you can do it for six months, you will starve the yeast to death. It will be gone.

However,  if during that six month period, you eat just one gummy bear, one jujube, one Clark bar, one cookie, one little piece of pie, you have now re-fed your yeast and you are back to “day one.”

So, even if you did the Candida Diet for six months, and then you ate a cookie, you had a drink of something like a beer or a wine; then you are now starting over on the first day of six months. You are starting all over again.

The truth is that (pretty much) nobody can do the Candida Diet 100%. That’s why it’s a ludicrous thing. The Diet is just not needed because in all practicality, it does not work.

Secondly, the Candida Diet is not good for you in the long term. This is because you’re basically eating green vegetables and meat. There are no carbs in there at all. No sugars in there at all. And those two things, all by themselves, are not enough for good health.

On the other hand, our products are professional and strong enough to deal with treating Candida.

Customer: Okay. Thank you.

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