Candida Diet vs Healthy Diet: What Others Won’t Tell You About Candida

June 1st, 2017 by Marti Ayres White

Why I Don’t Like the Candida Diet

I love spring and summer in Michigan. Hunting for wild morel mushrooms in early spring. Fresh blueberries, strawberries, peaches at the Farmers Markets, as well as local cheeses and bakeries. Winery tours. Apples and cider in the fall.

None of this was available to enjoy the year that I went on the Candida Diet. And it was torture!

ThreeLac™ Made All The Difference

ThreeLac™ was what freed me from denying myself the enjoyment of all these wonderful local (and, yes, healthy) foods. And then, we added Candizolv™ as a once or twice a year cleanse. After using these terrific products for years, I have come to understand the difference between “The Candida Diet” and a “Healthy Diet.” And frankly, I would recommend a healthy diet to everyone, whether they have Candida or not!

How you eat when you are treating Candida is all about balance and moderation. So, yes, you can go too far.

I will never forget an email I received when we first began to offer ThreeLac™ online and provide email support to our customers. This dear man was so excited that he could take ThreeLac™ and still pursue his Friday night ritual: a six-pack of beer and a quart of his favorite ice cream . . . No, we had to tell him gently. Uh, no.

Video: “Our Products Are So Powerful…”

When a customer asked about Candida diets, treatment and eating sweets during one of our video Q&A sessions, co-founder Jim White answered this way:

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How Does a Healthy Diet Work For Candida Treatment?

What is a healthy diet for those who suffer from Candida?

  • Cut back on the sugar… wa-a-a-ay back. In fact, if you can eliminate refined sugar all together (or save it for a special treat), it will be good for you in so many ways. Sugar not only feeds the yeast, but also ages the skin (“glycation”), creates inflammation, puts a strain on the pancreas, and provides the body with empty calories that can cause weight gain. (With ThreeLac™ and Candizolv™, you can allow yourself a small occasional treat!)
  • White stuff (flour, bread, pasta, cereal, rice) has been heavily processed and the fiber stripped from it. When you eat it, it quite rapidly turns into – as far as your body is concerned – sugar. Go with whole grain for your grains.
  • Eliminate “processed” food. If it comes in a box or a wrapper, odds are it not only contains sugar, additives and preservatives, it is missing most of its nutritional value.
  • Some fresh fruit is fine! Fruit does contain natural sugar, but it comes packaged with fiber, water, vitamins and minerals – things your body knows how to use.
  • Eat more vegetables. Interestingly, the more vegetables I eat, the less I crave sugar. Try dressing up broccoli with a little coconut oil, or green beans with some lemon-infused olive oil. Cut up a jicama and some carrots and use them to “dip” in hummus. Buy a cookbook that is just about preparing different kinds of vegetables.
  • Keep protein clean. Chicken and fish are great – fried and breaded, cheesed or sauced, not so much. Eat the burger, skip the bun. If you are a vegetarian, a hearty bean soup will serve you better than sugary baked beans.
  • Alcohol? Like sugar, it will probably be more an occasional treat that a nightly indulgence.
  • Fermented food: there is an ongoing debate about fermented food and Candida (does it “feed the yeast”?) My own recommendation is to wait until your symptoms are under control, but then, fermented foods contain probiotics that will help rebuild your “healthy” gut bacteria. So enjoy that sauerkraut, kefir, kimchee or kombucha!

You may have to experiment and see what (and how much) works for you. But if you eat mostly whole, healthy foods, and keep balance and moderation as your goal (and take your ThreeLac™), you should be just fine without locking yourself into the horribly restrictive Candida Diet!

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