Candida Detox Recovery Guide Ebook: New Edition with New Intro to Empower Your Treatment

February 21st, 2018 by Jon Leland

As we updated our Candida Detox Recovery Guide ebook (yours free to download via this link), we realized that everyone will be better served if we bottom-lined some of the most important things we’ve learned over the last 15 years in a new introduction

Candida Detox Recovery Guide with new introduction

Candida Detox Recovery Guide with new introduction

So, not only did we write an entirely new introduction to the ebook, but, for your convenience, we are summarizing the key points that we made, here and now, in this blog post.

For more details and to get the full introduction, the complete Candida Detox Recovery Guide and entire FAQ (all of which are in the ebook), please download it now.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Candida Treatment & Candida Recovery

The first two essential truths that we have learned about successful Candida recovery are these:

  1. Candida is a chronic condition. Our program controls your symptoms in a way that has been proven over years of watchful practice. 
  2. Candida ravages the body in two ways. In order to manage it effectively, you need to address BOTH stages.

The first type of Candida begins as an imbalance in the gut. Due to a variety of possible causes, the “good” yeast that normally lives in the gut turns fungal. It then grows and multiplies, overwhelming “good” bacteria and microbes, and wreaking havoc in your digestive system.

In the second stage, fungal Candida cells permeate the lining of the gut and then, over time, the fungus becomes systemic (affecting areas throughout the body). Once this happens, yeast can clog your organs, create fungal sinus infections, brain fog, terrible rashes and many other unpleasant symptoms.

Once you have reached this imbalance, unfortunately, your body will have the tendency to tip into imbalance again, even after your initial successful recovery.

This is why the best strategy is to get Candida under control; and then to manage it. If you take this approach, you will not have to start from scratch each time your symptoms flare up.

How to Address the Two Stages of Candida

Because the best strategy for each stage of Candida overgrowth is separate and unique, both stages need to be addressed in specific, targeted ways. This is why we have developed our “One-Two Punch”: ThreeLac™ + Candizolv™ = Candida Complete™. Each of these products specifically addresses one of the two different dimensions of Candida infection:

  • ThreeLac™ is a targeted probiotic blend that attacks and kills fungal Candida in the gut.
  • Candizolv™ is a combination of enzymes that dissolve the cell wall of the yeast and helps your entire body control Candida system-wide.

Top Two Reasons Candida Symptoms Get Out of Control

There are two main reasons why those suffering from Candida lose control of their healing. The first: They stop taking their treatment. The second? They stop taking their treatment.

We’re not trying to be clever. We know this is serious. But although the reasons people lose control may be the same, the circumstances are different.

In the first instance, Candida sufferers give up their commitment to treatment. Maybe they get discouraged during the cleanse because of detoxification symptoms. Or maybe they lack the discipline to carry out the complete treatment program as prescribed. For whatever reason, they stop short and the symptoms come back.

The second reason that Candida sufferers stop taking their treatment is that when they complete the initial treatment they feel BETTER. Then, they may think, “I’ve beaten Candida. I’m done with this!” But Candida is tricky. While the symptoms may disappear, as we have explained, the Candida is not gone from your system. It’s being managed.

Bottom line: Respect the Candida. Unless you maintain the program, the symptoms are likely to return. None of us want that, especially because flare-ups are always discouraging.

Don’t Be Afraid of Detox

Believe it. Candida healing detox won’t interfere with your daily life. But as you consider your approach to healing from Candida, you should know what to expect.

No matter how you kill Candida overgrowth, whether through diet or by using any anti-Candida products, toxins released by the dead and dying fungal cells will likely cause symptoms of their own. This is known as the “Herxheimer Effect.” You may feel temporarily worse as your body rids itself of the bad stuff. Your symptoms may increase, then decrease, or come and go altogether. It can be frustrating.

Despite this, you must stay with your treatment. You must push through to health. It often takes some months. But at last, you will feel much, much better. We know. We’ve been through this over and over again, ourselves and with thousands of other people.

So, don’t let the fear of detoxification stop you from regaining the balanced health and the energy you deserve!

What About That Candida Diet?

You may have heard of the Candida Diet. Trust us: A special diet is not the answer.

Here’s why. If you could do the Candida Diet perfectly, you wouldn’t need our products. You wouldn’t need anything. The Candida Diet starves the yeast. If you can do it perfectly for six months, you will starve the fungal yeast to death. It will be gone.

However, there’s a significant catch to the Candida Diet. If during that six-month period, you eat just one gummy bear, one jujube, one little piece of pie, you re-feed your yeast. When that happens, you are back to “day one.” Starting over. Even if you did the Candida Diet perfectly for six months, and then you ate a cookie or had a beer or a glass of wine, then you would be starting over.

The truth is that nobody can do the Candida Diet with 100% success. So in all practicality, (again, we know from experience) the Candida Diet just does not work.

That’s It!

That’s as concise as we can be about the key points that we think everyone needs to know about successful recovery from Candida. Want to learn more? Please download the complete Candida Detox Recovery Guide with FAQ’s. We’ve done our best to put all of the most important information in there. And, it’s free with absolutely no obligation. None.

And if you have any questions, please contact us here. We are always happy to help and to support you in your Candida recovery process. That’s why we call ourselves “Candida Support.” 😉

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