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Don’t Be SAD – Part II: How Treating Candida is One Part of Addressing the Winter Blues

If you missed Part One of our blog post on beating the winter blues, click here. Serious depression can immobilize ...
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Don’t Be SAD – Part I: How Treating Candida is Part of Addressing the Winter Blues

One of the symptoms of Candida yeast overgrowth can be depression. “Hello darkness, my old friend,” say the Simon and ...
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Fear vs Positivity on your Candida Treatment Journey

Congratulations! You have decided to step onto the path of Candida treatment that leads to better health. Good for you! ...
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How to Maintain Your Candida Treatment, Survive BBQ Season and Still Have Fun

Hello, Glorious summer! Now is time for friends on the deck, drinks on the patio, picnics in the park—all those ...
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How Vegetables Help with Candida Recovery

What is the one food that is good for vegetarians, omnivores, kids, adults, diabetics, heart disease, cancer patients, and for ...
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Ready to Bring Your Health Back to 100%? Candida Support Can Help!

Remember how Grandma used to say, “If you have your health, you have everything”? On the flip side, poor health ...
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How to Supplement Your Cold and Flu-Fighting Arsenal

With fall here and winter coming in the Northern Hemisphere, the cold and flu season is just around the corner ...
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Candida Recovery Self-Care Tips to Dodge Colds and the Flu

Candida Recovery is a wholistic affair. Your friends at Candida Support would like to offer you some self-care ideas to ...
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Candida Treatment and Exercise: How to Make It Work

In our last post, we gave you some good motivation for starting an exercise program. But, there's more to Candida ...
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Why Exercise Supports Your Candida Treatment

Six Reasons You Should Exercise (and they aren’t what you think!) Here at Candida Support, we recognize that Candida fungal ...
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Got Gout?

Gout can be extremely painful but you needn’t rush to the doctor for synthetic drugs. First try this all-natural way ...
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Having Detox? Try detoxifying Baths!

Salt Bath Tip: Once the toxins are stirred up, it’s good to get them out. One way to help is ...
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