How to Afford Candida Treatment on a Budget

February 15th, 2020 by Marti Ayres White

We occasionally get emails and Facebook posts from people who have looked over our full-package treatment protocols and say, “Wow—I can’t afford that!” and then go away with sad faces…

We get it! Here’s why:

I remember when we first discovered ThreeLac™. My husband, Jim and I were both self-employed (five “gigs” between the two of us) and not in the best financial shape.

What’s worse is that I was so sick: exhausted, bloated, my digestion was awful, rashy, headachy, fat. And this was not like me at all.

I had gone from someone frequently described as “the Energizer Bunny,” to this sad, sick shadow of myself. Not to mention the fact that if I wanted to function at all, I had to stick to the Candida Diet. My social life pretty much fizzled, which also didn’t help my mood.

In my search for a solution, I discovered  ThreeLac™, which was a combination of probiotics especially targeted to killing Candida. And, it looked like the product worked with a normal, healthy diet. rather than the horribly restrictive “Candida Diet.”

Here’s what happened…

I finally said to Jim, “Look, I know this is pricey*, but if it does what it says it does, maybe I’ll get my life back.”

It took some months, although I noticed a positive difference right away, I did have good days and bad as the ThreeLac™ attacked the fungal Candida in my gut and my system recalibrated.

However, I’m very happy to report that after a few months, what a difference! I am honestly not exaggerating when I say I think this product might have saved my life! It changed everything, including my ability to contribute to our family’s financial picture (hello, energy!).

Last summer, I went camping and took a 6-mile hike in the sand dunes with my girlfriends and our dogs. Before ThreeLac™, this never would have happened!

Candida Support is born

We were so excited about the results that we both were experiencing that we began selling ThreeLac™ for our parent company, Global Health Trax, in 2002.

In 2014, GHT introduced Candizolv™, a proprietary enzyme blend that seeks out Candida in other areas of the body and dissolves its cell wall, allowing the body to dispose of it.

After years of trying various protocols, listening to our customers’ experiences, and talking to functional medicine doctors and natural healers, we put together our recommended treatment packages and protocols. We feel these are the best option for quickly and thoroughly attacking and eliminating Candida.

Here’s how to afford Candida Treatment on a budget

We also recognize financial realities. If you can afford only one product, we recommend that you start with ThreeLac™. That’s it. Keep it simple.

You WILL see a difference after a month or two of use, and we have a 60-day, money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy.

If you’d like to dig into this subject further, this blog post gives another perspective on the cost of treating Candida.

*Fun fact: the price of ThreeLac™ has not increased since it was introduced to the U.S. market in 2002!

We are called Candida Support because we really, really want to help you get better! Give us a try!

Yours for Health and Healing,
Your friends at Candida Support

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