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Marti and Jim first introduced me to the GHT family of products in the fall of 2002, giving me a box of Threelac to try, I was in the middle of the most horrible vaginal yeast infection I had ever had, on top of a sinus infection that left me in tears and wanting a head replacement (it was even worse than the migraines I was suffering from). The vaginal yeast showed up after a second round of antibiotics prescribed in an effort to fight the sinus infection that would not go away. Of course the second antibiotic was bigger, better and stronger than the one before it — and even that one was not working.

Candida had played such a large part in my life for so long. In my naîveté I had not realized that my yeast infection AND sinusitis were just two symptoms that surfaced because of my systemic Candida overgrowth.

It Began With Hormones . . .

I think it started around the summer of 1994. My husband and I were going through infertility treatments in an effort to have a family. I was put on hormone shots to encourage my body to produce extra eggs. Shortly after that I noticed a change in my scalp; I was developing psoriasis and it was growing daily.

At the time, I thought it was related to my pregnancy…

My life went on and I experienced all of the joy and exhaustion of having a new baby. It was wonderful, but I had never been so tired in my entire life. I was getting sick on a regular basis; in fact, I had strep throat so often my doctors threatened to remove my tonsils. Of course my ill health was treated with antibiotics (repeatedly) and yet my health continued to deteriorate. I was unable to sleep at night (despite my exhaustion), I had a hard time dragging my body out of bed in the morning, and had to nap anytime my son did. My psoriasis was getting to the point where it was not only disgusting to me but embarrassing as well. I was having a hard time concentrating at work. I would go into the grocery store to pick up a few things and forget why I was there!

When our daughter arrived in the fall of 1998, she was born with “baby acne” on her face and was plagued with diaper rash for the entire time she was in diapers. She was restless and unable to sleep well. As she grew, she would develop facial rashes for no apparent reason. When she entered preschool she had a hard time concentrating and staying focused on her tasks. We were beginning to fear she had A.D.D. (Attention-Deficit Disorder). Much later we understood that she had been suffering with candida yeast overgrowth, too.

By the time I discovered Threelac, our children were 4 and 6. Evan was generally a happy, healthy child. He did have some food sensitivities and his nose was constantly dripping. He was also prone to ear infections (thankfully we choose to treat these holistically rather than antibiotics).

My husband John had many of the classic symptoms as well… fatigue, brain fog, food cravings, fungal rashes in his “hot spots” (under arm & behind the knees), depression and exhaustion.

We were living the American dream and we were miserable.

We Take Back Our Lives!

Now, I am happy to say, the Candida Recovery Programs from Global Health Trax has changed our lives. I was the first to take the products, and I began slowly with the Threelac alone. My vaginal yeast was gone within three days and my sinus infection was gone by Day 5 (this was quick — even forThreelac). *

Even more remarkable, I noticed that I was waking before my alarm went off in the morning (truly a miracle, just ask John!). I was ready to start my day and actually looking forward to it. I was thrilled. At the end of the first month, I decided to add Oxygen Elements Max to my Threelac. I started feeling more energetic and was able to accomplish more within each day. I could concentrate at work and I had energy left over to spend with my family. I slowly began to see a change in my own dietary cravings. I had always been partial to chocolate, especially just before my period began. It was my warning that it would be coming soon. That second month, my period came without my typical chocolate cravings. That was very strange for me! My cycle was very irregular and I actually relied on these dietary cravings as my warning sign. *

By the 4th month of my healing I was anxious to be rid of all of my candida-related concerns. Through talking with Marti & Jim during this time, I was now educated about fungal yeast and its far-reaching tentacles and decided to declare war. I added the remaining products for fighting systemic candida:Coral Complete, Colostrum FM and LHB (which I later changed to Active Digestive Enzymes). What a huge jump in my healing! My headaches were getting farther and farther apart, I was no longer a welcome mat for any illness that came along and I didn’t have any more vaginal yeast infections. The biggest change was my psoriasis. It was actually getting smaller until I woke up one morning and it was gone. Psoriasis was the benchmark for my healing progress. From beginning to end my healing took about 8 months and I was thrilled! It still amazes me. *

Since that day so long ago I have had just one relapse in my candida symptoms. I wanted to see what would happen to my body if I went off my therapeutic dose of ThreeLac. I took only a high quality probiotic to keep the beneficial bacteria fresh in my body. All was well for about two months; then I found a small patch of psoriasis on my skin. Right after that my mother-in-law passed away and the stress sent my health over the edge. I went back to a healing dose of ThreeLac to clean my body out again and I have been great ever since! *

I am healthier than I have ever been. I no longer suffer from migraines, my psoriasis is still gone, I have more energy than I had 10 years ago and I have not had a sinus infection since that fall so long ago. I have started using a Neti-Pot to keep my sinus’ clean (especially during the winter months when we are inside so much). My husband is doing great too. In fact John (in his mid 60’s) feels like he is 20 years younger and has more energy than ever. He no longer spends the weekend catching up on his sleep! Our son Evan no longer has food sensitivities and can eat anything he wants. His sister Aubrey has said “no thank you” to sweet treats on more than one occasion (you could have pushed me over with a feather when that happened the first time). Both children are doing great in school. Aubrey can stay on task and concentrate with ease. Her potential A.D.D. is a thing of the past. *

Our family will never consider life without the support of these formulas from Global Health Trax. We see them as part of our positive daily routines and thank God for the changes they’ve brought us.

Betsy Hausig

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