Debunking the 6 Major Myths About Curing Candida

December 22nd, 2019 by Marti Ayres White

Candida treatments are often confused with “cures.” This post debunks six of these myths and offers some honesty about the road to sustainable recovery from Candida:

1. If you “have” Candida, you need to wipe it out.

We all “have” Candida—it’s true! Candida is a naturally-occurring yeast that is part of our digestive tract. It is meant to be there, and we don’t want to “wipe it out.” The problem comes when we develop an imbalance of good yeast and bacteria and the Candida morphs into a fungal form. It then overgrows our microbiome, creating problems in digestion and elsewhere in the body.

2. If you are ever going to get rid of Candida, you have to go on the Candida Diet.

The Candida Diet used to be the only option for people, and it does work—but only as long as you stay on it rigorously. Many people find that limiting their diet to ONLY meat, green vegetables (no starchy veggies), a few select nuts and oils, is unsustainable. No dairy. No potatoes. No grains. Nothing fermented. With our One-Two Punch products, you can maintain a healthy (but sane) diet and still beat your Candida and be symptom-free!

3. Home remedies are really the best and cheapest treatment for Candida.

Don’t get us wrong—we love home remedies! We drink ginger tea to head off viruses, we use herbs for many health issues. But the remedies offered online to beat Candida range from ineffective (unless you maintain the strict Candida diet) to alarmingly unsafe! For example, I recently intercepted a post on our Facebook page that recommended taking large amounts of a particular substance internally that is a known poison, the kind with a label that says “Do Not Take Internally” and  “Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets”. Yikes!

4. You don’t need to buy special products to treat Candida. You can just eat more yogurt.

While yogurt is an excellent food, it does not contain the full spectrum of probiotics needed to attack Candida. (Incidentally, neither do most over-the-counter brand probiotics). Our ThreeLac™ probiotic has been especially designed to target Candida overgrowth.

5. Once you clean up Candida in the gut, you are good to go.

While we ALWAYS emphasize that the digestive system is the origin of Candida yeast overgrowth and that treating the gut comes first, if you have had the condition for some time, yeast cells have likely taken up residence in other parts of the body. Candizolv™ to the rescue! This product is a propriety blend of enzymes, including chitinase and chitosanase, which root out deep-seated Candida throughout the body, dissolve its cell walls and flush it out.

6. With the right products or lifestyle tweaks you can “cure” Candida.

As you saw in Myth Number 1 above, we don’t want to eliminate Candida entirely, just the fungal form. Can that be “cured”? Not really.

Because fungal Candida yeast overgrowth is an imbalance, not a disease, once our lifestyle, genetics, medical treatment and so on has predisposed us to Candida, the imbalance will often reoccur. However, by using a maintenance level of our products (or keeping some on hand in case of a flareup), you CAN keep symptoms almost completely at bay.

Confused about where to start? Download our free Candida Detox Recovery Guide. It is packed with information about Candida, how to most effectively use our products, and how to make you recovery as seamless as possible.

Here is to a wonderful, symptom-free, year ahead!

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