threelac_right_160wideTeaming with unique probiotics specially selected to pass through the stomach acid and “target” Candida yeast in its home base in the digestive tract. ThreeLac  comes in powdery form, 60 foil packets to a box. You take 2 or more packets a day for therapeutic Candida Cleansing. Then one packet a day after that to defend against your Candida coming back.






The World-wide Success of Threelac

Experience what people all over the globe have found- Threelac eliminates Candida symptoms!
From our correspondence with thousands of people since 2002 we have come to believe GHT’s Program is effective for more than 96% of people. Over a million very happy people from New York to California and Canada to Texas to Australia, testify to the success of our Threelac Candida program.

As many as 8 of 10 people in Industrial countries have Candida overgrowth and symptoms.

Threelac is simply the safest and most powerful candida product for the gut anywhere on planet earth. Proven safe and effective since 1992. And now, with the addition of Candizolvcandizolv-pack2-left for the other form of Candida, the systemic form, Candida Support can offer Candida Complete™,  the most powerful pair of products ever developed for Candida.

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We serve many health-care providers who make these unique and natural formulas available in their clinics for patients with fungal yeast problems.

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All Global Health Trax products come with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. 

Take Your Threelac -Feel the Difference

For those of you who have studied and practiced the Candida diet and antifungals, we know it is hard to believe there might be a simpler and less expensive way to beat it, but help has finally come.

It comes in a simple cardboard container filled with 60 silvery foil packets. Simply pour this slightly sweet, lemony tasting powder into your mouth, follow with a little water, and Take Back Your Health and Your Life!
ThreeLac even works for dogs and cats with itchy yeast rashes.

Over time Candida will show up in more and more places in the body and will only get worse. The sooner you start to fight Candida, the better.

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Our Candida TreatmentWhy buy Threelac from Us?

Years of Happy Customers

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Similar to Threelac in most ways Fivelac adds two additional strains of probiotic and is formulated with other new ingredients.

We recommend you take Fivelac only after using a few boxes of Threelac first. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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