fivelac_left_160wideIntroducing FIVELAC!™ - Now Global Health Trax can offer you a new version of ThreeLac in the form of Fivelac™. This formula comes from the same Japanese pharmaceutical company that brought us the original Threelac that has changed so many lives.

Fivelac is based on the same unique ingredients in the original Threelac.

Fivelac contains 2 additional strains of probiotic. Fivelac has been sold in Japan since 2007.

After a few months on ThreeLac™ You might try using Fivelac™ every so often. It helps to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria after starting with Threelac.

Note: We don’t recommend this new formulation of Fivelac for young children(under 12).
Children can more easily recover from Candida overgrowth.

Threelac is more cost effective than Fivelac™. We recommend starting with Threelac and then introducing a box or two of Fivelac after a couple months. 

All the reasons in the world to buy your Threelac or Fivelac from Us right Here!




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