Candida Support's product for treatment of Candida online
Candida Support's product for treatment of Candida online

Candida Complete: Our Product for Treatment of Candida, Online

The Complete

Candida Cleanse


Make this the year
you take back your life
from Candida!


Candida ravages the body in 2 different stages:

        • Stage 1: The Gut ‘Factory’ – Candida grows and multiplies in the gut – the ‘factory’ that is always  making new Candida yeast cells.
        • Stage 2: System wide – Candida cells travel throughout the whole body.
  • Candida always begins in the gut  where it grows and multiplies.
  • Over time the fungal Candida cells permeate the lining of the gut and become systemic (throughout the whole body).
  • Once this happens yeast can clog your organs, create fungal sinus infections, brain fog, and terrible rashes.

Each stage of Candida overgrowth is unique and needs to be addressed in its own, specific way.

ThreeLac™ + Candizolv™ =  Candida Complete™ –

Our products for treatment of Candida, online for you!

Offering Pinpoint effectiveness against both stages of Candida.

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanse

Attacks your Candida in both stages at the same time!



  • Attacks the Candida yeast factory in the gut
  • Attacks the systemic form of Candida
  • Guaranteed safe
  • 60 Day money back guarantee *


Yes! We actually work WITH you!

We are the oldest Candida support site on the internet. We have supported our customers throughout their candida healing since 2002 with

our 15 page Candida Recovery Guide™

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ThreeLac™ for Stage 1 Candida

ThreeLac™ blasts the yeast-manufacturing factory in the gut.

ThreeLac- Candida cleanse

  • A unique probiotic blend that attacks the yeast cells in your digestive tract (where the Candida cells grow and multiply).
  • The 3 unique strains of probiotics in ThreeLac™ can get past the stomach acids and directly go to work on the Candida in the gut.
  • Fights against the fungal “factory”, compromising its ability to produce new cells.
  • ThreeLac™ has been the top selling, safest, and most powerful  Candida cleanse in the world since 2002. *

ThreeLac ingredients - Candida cleanse

ThreeLac™, tried and tested over two decades.  The most efficient probiotic on the market for candida healing in the gut.

Safety Report ThreeLac / disclaimer *

Take Candida Severity test

Candizolv™ for Stage 2 Candida

Candizolv™ dissolves the cell wall of systemic Candida throughout the body.

Candizolv- Candida cleanse

The Candida yeast cell is tough! The chitinase and chitosanase, enzymes in Candizolv are the  particular enzymes  able to dissolve the hard chitin in the wall of the yeast cell.  Candizolv™ is brought to you exclusively by Global Health Trax (GHT), and this website, Candida


Why is Candizolv™ so effective?

Candizolv-ingredients- Candida cleanse

  • Candizolv™ attacks the systemic form of Candida by dissolving the tough chitin in the walls of each yeast cell.
  • Over time, Candizolv’s slow release system ensures these enzymes are able to reach the yeast cells in your body.
  • Your own body then destroys the unprotected cells.
  • Candizolv™ is the first chitinase product made in the U.S.A.! *


These enzymes dissolve chitin. But the human body has no natural chitin in it so these enzymes have no negative effect at all on our bodies. Candizolv™ is dangerous only to the chitin-coated candida yeast cells that are migrating throughout your body and causing your suffering!
Candizolv safety
Test your Candida level now


Kill Candida in Your Gut and Throughout Your Body!

The 2 Problems

  • Gut factory Candida and
  • Systemic Candida infestation
If you just kill the Candida in the gut, the cells that are out in the body will continue to live.
If you just kill the cells that have migrated to other parts of the body, the “factory” in the gut will continue to reproduce new Candida cells to send out once again.


A proper Candida cleanse must be done in both locations.

To understand more about how and why these products work click here

 The truth most sellers of candida products won’t share: once your body has Candida it will always have Candida.

There is no product, no one-time cleanse, that will rid you of Candida forever –because of the very nature of Candida yeast itself.

Candida is tough, and tricky. Once Candida has become established deep in your body’s tissues it can stay there indefinitely and an overgrowth can re-emerge at any time. Candida can even morph to a form that creates spores that can remain dormant for years, and then become active again when the environment is right.

Over the years, occasionally we took a break from taking our products, only to find that within 4-6 months the symptoms returned.  We now know that to stay free of symptoms we must take a preventative dose regularly.

 Relapse was a hard lesson for us, because the initial 4 months of treatment entail a period of detoxification that can be uncomfortable at times while the toxins from the dead fungal cells are leaving the body.

If treatment is stopped once the symptoms are gone, the symptoms will return in a few months and the whole detox period has to be repeated. Yikes!

Once beyond the detox period the easiest path is to work to prevent the symptoms from returning. It only takes 1 packet of ThreeLac™ per day and 1 bottle of Candizolv™ per year ($45 every 2 months and $90 once a year- that’s roughly 99 cents a day to fight the Candida symptoms rising up again). disclaimer *

For this reason, we have designed our Candida cleansing program in 2 Phases and offer Free shipping and 10% – 15% discounts for Autoship orders.


Autoship programs = Best value + Ongoing protection

Benefits of Autoship

  • Scheduled shipments are sent automatically
      • The appropriate Candida Complete products are shipped and your card is billed
      • Provides discount savings and Free Shipping even on ThreeLac
      • Can be cancelled at any time
      • Ensures you are supplied with the effective Candida fighting products you need to heal from Candida and prevent return of symptoms.
  • Clicking any order link opens a new window at our manufacturer’s website – Global Health Trax. We have worked with GHT since 2002. GHT ships your products FRESH off the line!
  •  Make sure to look for the link to our exclusive Candida Recovery Guide™. It’s on the confirmation page of your purchase.

Do you know which Program to order?

Phase One is a 4-7 Month Candida Cleanse (length depends on your level of infestation: Mild, Moderate, or Deep-Rooted) A doctor test to show you your level.

 Choosing our Discount Autoship is committing to shipments coming to your door each month or two when they are needed per your individual program. If you simply wish to sample our products – order individual products at retail.

Phase One: Healing from Candida

Note: All 3 programs have identical costs in the first “easing in” month where lighter dosages are taken.


Mild Candida Program (4 months)

1st month: 1 Candizolv + 1 box of ThreeLac (2 per day) $134.95

2nd month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

3rd month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

4th month: 1 ThreeLac (2 per day) $45.00

4 Month Total: 6 boxes of ThreeLac + 1 bottle of Candizolv (card charged each month when products are shipped. – $359.95 total over 4 months)

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanse
Order Now Mild Candida Control Autoship; month 1


ThreeLac™ contains lemon powder.

If you have trouble with lemons order the gel-cap formulation of ThreeLac™ which is lemon free!


Order Mild Candida Control Program w/Threelac Capsules

2 caps = 1 packet. Capsules contain no Lemon powder.


Moderate Candida (5 months)

1st month: 1 Candizolv + 1 box of ThreeLac (2 per day) $134.95

2nd month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

3rd month: 1 Candizolv + 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $169.95

4th month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

5th month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

5 Month Total: 9 boxes of ThreeLac + 2 bottles of Candizolv (card charged each month when products are shipped- $574.90 total over 5 months))

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanse

Order Moderate Candida  Control Autoship; month 1


ThreeLac™ contains lemon powder.

If you have trouble with lemons order the gel-cap formulation of ThreeLac™ which is lemon free!


Order Moderate Candida Control Program w/Threelac Capsules

2 caps = 1 packet. Capsules contain no Lemon powder.


Deep-Rooted Candida Program (7 months)

1st month: 1 Candizolv + 1 box of ThreeLac (2 per day) $134.95
2nd month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

3rd month: 1 Candizolv + 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $169.95

4th month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

5th month: 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $90.00

6th month: 1 Candizolv + 2 ThreeLac (4 per day) $169.95

7th month: 1 ThreeLac (2 per day) $90.00

7 Month Total: 12 boxes of ThreeLac + 3 bottles of Candizolv (card charged each month when products are shipped- $834.85 total over 7 months)

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanse

Order Deep-Rooted  Candida Control -Autoship; month 1


ThreeLac™ contains lemon powder.

If you have trouble with lemons order the gel-cap formulation of ThreeLac™ which is lemon free!


Order Deep-Rooted Candida Control Program w/Threelac Capsules

2 caps = 1 packet. Capsules contain no Lemon powder.

Phase Two – Prevention!


Now that the Candida is under control, Phase 2 is all ThreeLac Right Rev-3about preventing the re-emergence of spores or deeply-seated cells.

    • Your Candida is controlled. Your biggest concern now is ensuring it does not return.
    • Phase Two is ongoing maintenance so the latent cells in the gut have no foothold to begin again.
    • ThreeLac is shipped every other month in the prevention phase (60 packets at 1 per day = 60 days).
    • Prevention also includes a bottle of Candizolv once per year to cleanse any systemic Candida. *


Products and Ingredients /orders outside the USA

How all this Works!

Safe chitinase – A new generation of Candida Fighters


Yeast cell starting to duplicate


The wall of the candida yeast cell is partly made up of chitin (pronounced kite-in), which is an incredibly hard substance that protects the cell.

(more from National Inst. of Health)

Chitinase is an enzyme that works by dissolving the tough chitin. If you’ve ever tried to crush a flea or tick between your fingers you know what I mean. They hop away! And yes, their outer shell is made of chitin. The hard chitin helps these creatures SURVIVE – and it is the same with Candida cells. The specific enzyme combinations in Candizolv™ work directly on the protective wall of a Candida cell, dissolving it and making the cell vulnerable to your body’s defenses.



The new discovery

Since our discovery of ThreeLac™ in 2002 (and in testing scores of candida products since), only one product has stood out from the rest in its unique power against the fungal candida cell wall.

The power of the chitinase enzyme has only recently become known – and up until now the only way to purchase it haswhat-is-img been from non FDA-approved  foreign  sources – some using veteranarian-grade chitinase. Make sure your purchase is from an FDA registered and inspected facility. *

Safe, Powerful Candizolv™

Made in the U.S.A  –

              Distributed in the U.S.A.

                               Supported in the U.S.A.

Candizolv™ safety


60 day image  

All Global Health Trax products come with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. 



This has been our business since 2002. We are a teaching and support website, we know there’s a lot of information here to take in, but Candida is dangerous and tricky and we believe you are better off understanding it a bit. Candida is unlike any other disease and getting healthy again is quite a journey. Remember, We Work With You!

  • We support your journey to be Candida-Free!
  • You receive our online Candida Recovery Guide™ when you purchase.
  • We answer your questions every day of the week.
  • Our decades of Candida experience are behind you all the way. There is no place like Candida Support on the ‘net.  more

email us with your question / disclaimer *

Why does our Candida cleanse work so well?

It’s really quite simple. There are two ways Candida manifests in your body and the Candida Complete™  Candida cleanse attacks them both!

The two Stages of Candida

Stage 1


In Stage 1 Candida overgrowth begins where Candida always begins – in the intestinal tract. From there it infects all the mucous membranes of your body (Mucocutaneous Candidiasis), and moves up into the stomach, the esophagus and higher up into the mouth, tongue, lips, (Thrush) and into the sinuses and ears. Moving downward it travels out through the anus and the sexual organs. Basically the fungus infects and grows on any mucous membrane. The intestinal tract is the ever-growing nursery of new candida cells.

 Stage 2

Stage 2 is systemic candida, (Disseminated Candidiasis), where the Candida has migrated throughout the whole body. This second type can be dangerous and even life-threatening, especially the non Candida Albicans types like Candida glabrata and Candida tropicalis. shutterstock_183844658In the 2nd stage the candida has gone through to the deepest levels within the body to become systemic. It does this by permeating the lining of the stomach or intestinal tract (leaky gut syndrome) and getting into the bloodstream where it can present in the eyes, as rashes on the skin, in the sinuses and ears, in the organs and glands – anywhere the blood travels.


Both types of Candida are extremely difficult to control and almost all the products you can purchase fall well short of being able to do it. A true Candida cleanse must attack Candida in both stages!


If you wish to cleanse your Candida it must be done in both locations.

shutterstock_227824594The pharmaceutical agents your doctor may prescribe only affect the symptoms for a short time. They are not a lasting answer. We know, we have studied and tested Candida remedies and cures for nearly 20 years.

Check our Candida studies on our Candida Research Site page.


We at Candida Support are known for 2 things –

  • Exceptional Information and Great Customer Support.
  • Our manufacturer,  Global Health Trax (GHT), is known for its safe and powerfully effective products.


 Most people don’t understand how dangerous Candida can be.

 Candida is a Fungus

Once fungal candida has begun its infestation of your body it will continue its natural course unless you do something about it.

Do Not Let Your Candida Thrive

  • Go after your Candida with a vengeance.
  • Go after your Candida like your life depends on it.
  • The longer you wait, the more candida grows.
  • The longer you wait, the worse your symptoms will become.
The Candida Complete™ package from Candida Support attacks Candida right where it lives.

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanse

Harnessing this safe and unique blend of chitinase,  chitosanase and other candida enzymes, Candizolv™ provides an annual “Candida cleanse” of your systemic Candida.  disclaimer *


Where to Start?

We recommend you start with our Free doctor-written test to help you determine just what level of Candida infestation you have.   images

Take our Candida Severity test

Your Candida won’t fix itself!

The Candida Complete™ package gives you a world-class Candida cleanse for the most reasonable price ever offered. Not only is it the most effective Candida cleanser you can buy, it’s also a bargain! Thousands of customers have always known that ThreeLac™, at $49.95,  is a very cost-effective cleanse for Candida. disclaimer *

Now, with Candizolv™ we can offer another bargain. We are offering a 60 capsule bottle (30 day supply) of U.S.A. made Candizolv™ for just $99.95.
And Candizolv™ need not be taken every month. Depending on the level of Candida in your system you will only need between 1 and 3 bottles in your first year, then just one bottle a year as maintenance.

Candida Complete™ – Blast Candida in “The Factory” – Blast Candida Throughout the Body!

Order Candida Complete™  today and make this the year that you take back your life from Candida!

Candizolv-ThreeLac- Candida cleanseSpecial autoship prices and free shipping.

more on Candida Albicans

* Disclaimer:

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Please be aware that we are not licensed doctors, nurses, nutritional consultants or health care professionals.

We are simply individuals who have frequented the aisles of health food stores since our teens; we’ve read books on various methods of natural healing and have studied health in our own way. We are not “experts” in these fields, we are simply in a unique position right in the middle of the Candida revolution — a time of new understanding – sending and receiving emails for over 13 years to and from people all over the world with Candida Yeast problems. We may be able to help you by sharing our own experiences and beliefs.

We believe in using natural means whenever possible and in treating the causes as well as the symptoms of illness. We try to be proactive with our own health-care using preventive measures like diet, herbs, exercise and balance in our lives.

YOU are the one who must decide if our approach is valid for you. It’s important to find a health professional in your area who listens to you and will spend a little time with you; someone whom you trust to guide you in your health and healing. Individual results will vary as Candida presents itself differently in every body.

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