Candida Thrush

Oral Thrush is a yeast rash of a mucous membrane.

Oral Thrush


It can present as a bright red tongue with white spots.
It can coat the inside of your mouth with white. It can migrate out over the lips onto your face.


  • Thrush can be irritating or burning
  • Thrush can become a mouth ulcer
  • Thrush can cause a bad taste in your mouth
  • Thrush can give you serious bad breath


 Thrush is just one way to know you have a Candida yeast problem.

Oral Thrush is the name given to Candida Yeast Overgrowth when it comes up the digestive tract from deep in the gut and reaches your mouth. But a yeast rash on any mucous membrane is called Thrush, too.

Infant Thrush

Infant Thrush

Vaginal yeast infections are called vaginal Thrush. If you have Thrush you most likely have other Candida symptoms, too, like stomach bloating, brain fog, or skin or genital rashes and infections.

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Candida is easy to treat in infants and children as the overgrowth is still fairly new to their bodies and they still have that vigor of youth going for them. For adults it is a more difficult problem. Candida can be serious.

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Thrush is a danger sign

Tree Fungus

Candida is in the Fungal family –  like mushrooms.

 When in nature do mushrooms appear?

Mushrooms grow on organisms that are dying. Fungus hurries the decomposition of organic matter and returns it to the earth. When you see a tall tree with mushrooms on the side it has begun its death-cycle. Eventually the fungus will digest the whole tree.

Once fungal candida has begun its infestation of your body it will continue its natural course unless you do something about it.

Do Not Let Your Candida Thrive!

Go after Candida with a vengeance.

Go after Candida like your life depends on it.

The longer you wait the more candida grows.

The longer you wait, the worse your symptoms will become.


Thrush Treatment

There are two stages of Candida overgrowth. Stage One is the infection of the mucous membranes. In Stage Two the Candida has gotten into the blood and travelled to the organs, toenails, the skin – even the eyes.

Pharmaceutical drugs will only treat these symptoms for a short time. Understanding Candida’s weakness, it is important to go after it - attacking Candida in both its stages.

After years of studying Candida control we offer you the safest and most natural way to attack your Candida Thrush right where it lives.



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