Candida Thrush

Do you have that white coat on your tongue? Or do you have the bright red tongue with the white spots all over it? Maybe the coat runs inside your mouth too, or on your lips.

Thrush is the name given to Candida Yeast Overgrowth when it presents in the particular part of the body -the mouth. If you have Thrush you may also have stomach bloating, brain fog or skin or genital rashes and infections.more on Candida symptoms

Candida overgrowth can be handled by products from Global Health Trax. They came out with the world’s first Candida product in early 2002. Threelac,Fivelac and a few of their other Candida related products are the best on the market for Thrush. We have seen it eliminate the white film within a week. And they do their work on the underlying causes of the problem -not just treating the symptoms!

These formulas are all natural and have been sold in Japan for over 15 years with proven safety and effectiveness. Since coming to the USA in 2002 they have revolutionized the Candida World.

This is a sampling of Thrush presentations in and around the mouth. It feels awful, tastes awful and looks pretty bad too.

Infant Thrush ExampleOral Thrush Example

Let Threelac end this nightmare for You!

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