Simple Home Candida Tests

The Diagnosis of Exclusion

After long study, most people end up diagnosing themselves as having Candida. We see this happen again and again. It usually comes after long frustration -trying to find answers to what’s wrong with them and seeing numerous doctors. We call this type of Candida diagnosis (drumroll, please)the Diagnosis of Exclusion because through this whole process all other possible illnesses become excluded by the doctors and you are left with only one possible answer - this must be Candida!

It works something like this…

  1. Over time you go to one or more medical doctor.
  2. The Doctors keep saying nothing is wrong with you (there is no medical specialty regarding fungus overgrowth, so most doctors do not even believe in Candida yeast overgrowth).
  3. Then after more time you begin talking to friends and studying about Candida online to help yourself.
  4. You come across a list of Candida symptoms and have an “ahaa!” moment. You see what you’ve had all along might be the symptoms of Candida.
  5. Now, the doctors have told you your symptoms are not medically treatable problems so, Hmmnnn…
  6. The ”Diagnosis of Exclusion” has taken place. You have doctor proof that it’s not anything else so You realize you have what so many others have come to realize they have -Candida! (Take Heart! -with knowledge comes the possibility of healing!)

Diagnosed. Treated. Gone!

The above, right links are simple and FREE home Candida tests that can help you complete your own self diagnostic process. If they point to Candida yeast overgrowth as your problem our 100% guaranteed Candida treatment program can help you to Take Back Your Life from this miserable condition!

Three Simple Home Candida Tests

Candida is often brought on by various components of our modern lifestyle -the foods we eat, toxins in the environment, antibiotic use, etc. Dr. Crook’s verbal Candida test helps you to see if multiple factors have “ganged up” on you to make your body vulnerable to this yeast overgrowth imbalance.

The second home Candida test, the Candida home saliva test, is a graphic indication of whether you have this condition.

And lastly, we have another free doctor written test, the Candida Severity Test to help you determine just how bad your Candida condition is and offers suggestions for the right program to fit your need.

Candia5 home candida blood test kit

If our home tests leave you wishing for something more scientific click this link for the inexpensive, state-of-the-art “Candia5″ home candida blood test kit. You could order the family pack and test the whole family. These are special discounted prices for our customers only.

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