The Candida Diet


The Candida diet itself is simple

Eat all the protein you want and lots of green vegetables and salads. What could be so hard? But it’s not hard -it’s impossible! Why? Because You can’t slip-up once! Not even one little bit!
The idea behind the candida diet is to literally starve the candida yeast organisms living in your body – starve them until they’re dead, kaput, X’s over their eyes.

The Candida Diet is a relic of the 1980’s and persists to this day because at one time in history there was simply no other way to fight candida.

It began with the publishing of 2 books by the early “Candida Doctors“. The diet works as long as you stay on it. But in the end, it won’t work -the strongest reason being that only 1 in 1,000 people can actually eat that way. But Google “Candida” today, and the “candida diet” still pops up all over the internet.

If you’re like me (a skeptic) you may not imagesbelieve what you have just read. You may think the candida diet is still something you wish to experience for yourself. I could be selling you an e-book about how to do it, or a book like this full of recipes (PS Candida is Not fun). We certainly had our years learning and using the Candida diet. Instead, we choose to tell you the truth. We have hundreds of emails from customers who’ve tried our program, telling us the exact, same thing.


The glaring problem with the Candida diet

The Candida diet only works if you can completely eliminate sugars in all forms. Grains (cereal, bread, pasta, muffins, etc.), fruits, dairy and even sweet vegetables like carrots contain too much sugar. The carbs in these foods are quickly converted into sugars that feed your yeast overgrowth.

Let’s say you have eaten this diet perfectly for 3 months and at a birthday party you take a small piece of cake (just to be social). Up to this point the yeast in your body had been well on its way to dying but now it has just been fed! Your yeast has now begun reproducing again and your 3 months of diet was for nothing. You must start over.

This is the “impossible” part. You simply must remain perfectly on the diet for 6 months to eradicate your yeast overgrowth. Even worse, a body that has had Candida is prone to get it again. The diet must be always maintained!

There is also a concern that eating only protein sources and green vegetables is not a healthy diet for you. It’s one thing to eat low carb but another to eat virtually  ”no carb” as demanded by the Candida diet. So if the diet doesn’t work, what does?

There are products available candizolv-pack2-rightnow that weren’t available in the late 90’s when we were fighting this disease. Over all this time we have learned that only the very best ingredients, the most proven anti-candida formulas have what it takes to overcome your Candida overgrowth. You need the big guns for this. Fortunately, our decades of research can offer you the most powerful and proven world-class formulas.


Two world-class products have risen to the top of the Candida world. ThreeLac in 2002, and Candizolv in 2014. Together, they offer the best Candida program ever available. 

The best part of these products? You no longer have to worry about what you eat – At All! Our program is so powerful that the only food change we recommend is to stay away from =refined= sugars for 2 months. You can eat any food that has natural sugars like honey, maple syrup or rice syrup, just stay away from foods with refined sugar or refined sugar itself.

Happy Eating!

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