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Did you ever make an important decision and then a few weeks down the road wish you had done better research?

We are not doctors or scientists. We are 2 couples who live in West Michigan and are veterans of our own long Candida battles. We have been researching candida since 1996 and our mission is to continually study Candida products so we know which are the most effective.

The 4 of us probably average being older than many of you. Our journey regarding healthy living goes back to the 70’s and 80’s where we were cruising the aisles of our local health food store buying books and natural supplements.  Despite healthy lifestyles in the 90’s we started experiencing strange new symptoms of bloated gut, skin rashes, low energy and brain fog. At first we had no idea what was going on and we were completely on our own as far as learning about candida and finding options for overcoming it. Fortunately, we had a broadly trained and knowledgeable natural healer who pointed us in the right direction.

Guinea Pigs

Because of this we heard the word “candida” long before the world in general. We tried the impossible Candida Diet and experimented with anti-fungals and probiotics for some years until 2002 when we were fortunate to become some of the early guinea pigs for a new product that had just landed in the US from Japan. Almost immediately we saw how completely different it was.

After all the years of experimentation with dozens of “cures” my wife, Marti, and I finally found ourselves standing in our kitchen one day about 2 weeks later, staring into each others eyes with that knowing look and smiles on our faces a mile wide. We had finally found our answer.

This website is the result of our long work. We are not a large company which has slapped the label, ‘candida fighter’ on another bottle packed with anti-fungals, enzymes and probiotics to take advantage of “the candida market”. We’re more like you, curious, searching and desperately determined to find what works best and uncommonly willing to do whatever it takes to find our answers.

Time and again our research lead us back to the one formula that was so clearly the most effective and as a result also the most cost effective.

We spent a lot of money on Candida products back then and in recent years too -many thousands of dollars. It’s amazing how much you can spend only to find out you are back to square one.

We bought these products for ourselves to try at first, and then expanded our research -buying products for others to test also. We would offer these products free to friends and ‘new’ customers and have them all fill out questionnaires as they tried them and we tabulated the results.

What we’ve learned is that it takes  tough, specific and unique products to control candida. The vast majority of candida products clearly do not have the power to do this.

The results of all our study is that we healed ourselves and since then have also helped thousands of others leave their candida symptoms behind.

This page contains a lot of information. Scroll to the bottom if you just wish to see our results and we give you quick links for ordering or for our quick, Free, doctor-written candida tests.

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Is Candida Real?

Candida, or candida albicans  problems are real and they cause great damage to a person’s life. There are many strains of candida, but most respond in the same way to treatments. It’s frustrating to try to find a doctor to help you because there are few who have the knowledge. Fungal yeast overgrowth in the human body is not taught in medical schools.  So despite the fact that autopsies have found kidneys and other organs literally clogged with yeast cells most doctors disavow that it even exists. Both you & I know that candida is real because we have first hand experience with it and often our doctors have told us there is nothing else wrong with us.  Our own personal study and constant testing of new products has lead us to write this page of our website.  Here you will find all of the information we have gleaned over the years.  Spend some time here if you’re one of those people who craves a full understanding. If you have any questions send us an email.  We are happy to share our experiences with you to help you on your journey to excellent health and healing.

Can Candida be truly “Cured”?

You’re not going to like this, but the answer is no. Candida is a dangerous condition of imbalance in your body. Your beneficial bacteria have been depleted and the natural yeast that normally balances that bacteria has overgrown, dramatically infecting your gut and the far corners of your body.

The right substances can bring this imbalance back to a healthy balance and eliminate all your symptoms, but the candida is always there, lurking in the tissue, burrowing deeper to avoid things like the anti-fungals you’ve been taking to kill them. They just lie dormant for a while and maybe even mutate to come back out and be ever more resistant. Fungi also can mutate between yeast and mold when under attack. In this state they can release spores. These spores can wait it out until the environment becomes more friendly.

All through our site we call our programs “Candida Defense” and that is exactly what it is. Taken at therapeutic levels for 4 to 6 months you devastate the fungus so much that you can then take a low, inexpensive maintenance dose to keep those levels down -much like taking a daily vitamin/mineral supplement. Most sites won’t tell you this truth about candida. They want to give the impression that a few bottles of their pills will be your “cure”.

How did all this start?

Though modern doctors know little, it was two uniquely insightful doctors who first discovered that fungal yeast can overgrow in the body and cause all kinds of toxic symptoms. 1953 Dr. Orian Truss, 1986 -Dr. William Crook. These authors were part of our education back in the 90′s.  more

Skip Ahead -the 90′s

herbcompapothecary.jpgA decade later, many antifungal remedies, both synthetic and herbal had been introduced to help battle this condition.  The only problem is that the tricky fungus is able to “morph” or evolve to resist each and every antifungal, making them less and less effective over time. After spending the time and money on these systems a person ended up where she/he started and the fight against Candida must begin again. These products were always recommended to be combined with the Candida diet.

The year 2002


An American company called Global Health Trax (GHT) brings the first effective Candida treatment to the U.S. shores with a revolutionary new product from Japan called Threelac™. Within days of taking Threelac we felt surprisingly different and within weeks we saw problems falling away that we had been unable to control for years.

This was new!

NOTHING had worked up to this point. Threelac changed the game for us forever!


If you have any questions of any kind please email us or tell us your candida story. our story

email us  | 11 Years of Happy Threelac Customers


What Works against Candida

What Doesn’t

and What Never Will.

How do Candida fighting products work?

Candida Treaments fall into 3 main categories and a few minor ones

Category 1: Antifungal Products

blue_microscopic.jpgThis group of products relies on antifungal agents as ingredients. You will know them by specific label ingredients like caprylic acid, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, Pau D’Arco, olive leaf, coconut oil, garlic, black walnut, etc. These antifungals will create a spiral of “die-off” which makes it seem like they are working. In fact, they are starting to work. But the problem with antifungals is they can’t complete the job. The Candida organism eventually builds an immunity to antifungal ingredients. (This happens in much the same way insects becomes immune to insecticides.)

There are even clinics that use a complex system where practitioners rotate antifungals every few days so that the yeast overgrowth can’t adjust. The problem with these clinics is they are very expensive. You can easily spend $10,000 just to get started on one of their programs. There are also products where antifungals are mixed with beneficial herbs like aloe vera and mushrooms as though it’s a whole candida remedy in a capsule. Antifungals can never be effective because the fungus in your gut adjusts to them. This is true whether the antifungals are natural or synthetic. petridish.jpg

Chemical antifungals also are very hard on the liver and are being made in ever-stronger doses. One such product, at it’s inception, came out in 50mg tablets. It now comes in 200mg tablets! (That trembling you hear is your liver running for cover!) Generic 150mg tablets of this pharmaceutical are around $24.55 each, dosage is one a day!

Topical “antifungal” creams will sometimes give temporary relief for vaginal discomfort but you are not addressing the root of the problem so the discomfort will return soon after you stop using the product. (FYI, coconut oil works just as well with no bad side-effects.)

One other type of antifungal is colloidal silver. This is a solution in which silver is suspended in water. Colloidal silver is an interesting product that has many uses. Topically it can help with nail fungus if you have enough of it to soak your nails every day. Internally it does not live up to its claims. We own an advanced silver “micro generator” and make our own micro particle colloidal silver for testing against Candida and for other uses. We had a customer who got to the point where he could drink this high quality colloidal silver in quantities of 6 to 8 ounces a day but it would not control his Candida (which he later did with Threelac). That was our experience with it too. Antifungals work only if the Candida infestation is very new and very weak. By the time most people’s symptoms would have gotten bad enough that they go searching on the internet for a cure… it’s too late.

With a name like anti-fungal you’d think this would be the just the thing to fight Candida yeast overgrowth, but they are the weakest way to fight Candida infections.


If you do wish to try antifungals we suggest you get several good varieties and rotate them every 4 to 7 days.



Category 2: Enzymatic Products

helix_enzymes.jpgEnzymes work on the cell wall of Candida and can attack it most anywhere in the body. It’s another good idea in theory. Certain enzymes do dissolve the type of cell wall common to these fungi. We’ve heard fairly positive results about some of these products. Some of our customers have reported that at least some of their symptoms were controlled by them. The problem is, once again, they are not strong enough to do the full job. Candida is much too vigorous to be defeated by enzymes alone. The problem is that the “fungal factory” deep in the intestines keeps churning out new fungal yeast cells and it takes a while for enzymes to weaken the cell walls. Enzymes by themselves can’t effectively curtail this activity. The enzyme group is the second most effective group in fighting Candida.

I think your website is fantastic – it is such a relief to read – especially the pages about other suggested remedies for candida that don’t work – I have been through them all, and was in despair. Keep up the great work. Regards.” -Ailsa

“I love three lac. It has given me back my life. I am telling everyone about three lac and I have my whole family on it. I have lost 30 pounds since I have been on it! Thank you for giving me back what my Drs. could not.” -Dorothy

“Hi there! I was just wanted to drop a note to you and let you know that we LOVE your product!! I was on the internet about 3 weeks ago in search of a healthy alternative for my 3 year old (autistic) son. I came accross your website and found it so informative and it was a breath of fresh air. I decided to get some and try it, since it is all natural and children are able to take it, we had nothing to loose. …What a difference it has made. I didn’t tell his teachers about what we were doing, and all this week waited just to see if there was a noticeable difference. It has been praise after praise about how well he is doing. So anyways, I just wanted to THANK YOU for such a wonderful product, and for bringing back our little boy to us!! It makes us cry with joy now to hear him laughing again, and playing with his sister. Thanks again!!” -Evanne

“I Thank god I found your website. It has only been a week since I have been on this, and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. I have started working out again, as I could not continue. I used to run on the treadmill and lifted weights. My muscles would get so weak, I couldn’t continue. I can also enjoy eating again. I got such abdominal pain after eating, I had to be careful of what I ate as well as how much. Thanks again for publishing this information. I am one who is very grateful. I’m 46 and thought I was getting old way too fast.” Sincerely, Cindy

11 Years of Happy Threelac Customers

GHT makes an enzyme product, Active Digestive Enzymes (ADE), that was created to partner with Threelac and is specifically designed to dissolve the wall of the Candida cell. Once Threelac tears into the fungal factory in the gut it disrupts the reproduction of new fungi. With Threelac doing this important job, Active Digestive Enzymes help complete the whole “systemic” picture of removing yeast cells where they hide in the rest of the body.


Category 3: Probiotic (acidophilus) Products

probiotic_yogurt.jpgThese are the closest to ThreeLac of all types of Candida products. Close, yet still not close enough. It’s important to understand, Threelac is an extremely unique product. It contains probiotic strains that are not available in other products. It is a master at destroying fungus, which no other probiotic is equipped to do in the same way. Its unique probiotics are resistant to stomach acid, passing through to the intestinal track where they do their singular work. The right probiotics are essential.

We’ve had refrigerators full of the best probiotics for our ongoing experimentation over the years. We have not seen any form of acidophilus by itself or even in “broad spectrum” groups being effective enough to rout the Candida from the colon, though in some less severe Candida cases the better ones may be helpful. Some of the probiotics we’ve tried are Dr. Ohhira’s 12 Plus, Nature’s Biotics (Homeostatic Soil Organisms or HSO’s), Theralac, XtraLac and Symbion. The first three are world class probiotics. XtraLac and Symbion are much the same as in any health food store. You can simply compare the bacterial strains on the labels to see how often you see the same ones repeated through different products. You will see that no other probiotics have the unique combination that you find in Threelac.

A recent ConsumerReports study on probiotics said: ”All products contained the major groups, or genera, of probiotic bacteria labeled, but seven supplements–four pills and three liquids–had far less than the amount claimed at the time of manufacture.”

Bacteria must have some sort of guaranteed delivery system that gets them through the stomach without being digested and into the colon where they are needed. Always check the labels, most do not have any delivery system at all. The 3 strains in Threelac are naturally rugged and have been specifically chosen for their resistance to stomach acid. Threelac and Fivelac are the only probiotics that have enough firepower to control Candida.

Good probiotics certainly are helpful to repopulate your gut and are very beneficial to health. But when it comes to controlling Candida the difference between even the best ones and Threelac is profound.


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Other Variations

 The Candida Cell Wall Suppressor

The first Question we ask ourselves when rating a product is, “Is it Safe?”

One thing that became clear as we studied The Candida cell wall suppressor (also known as Chitin synthesis inhibitor and chitinase).

This product is manufactured and shipped from overseas from purely synthetic chemicals and is NOT APPROVED for human consumption by the FDA. In the USA it is approved only for flea and tick powders in veterinary use.

Serious Safety Issues

Most of these chitinase powders are manufactured and shipped from Asia of Chinese pesticide-grade chitinase.

The FDA does not allow chitinase importation into the US and has the right to seize shipments of any size coming into the country through the mail. Because of these overseas sources, there are no USA standards by which to know the purity of these products – or even if they contain what they claim to contain. Over the last year we have had two foreign sources of this product lab-tested for ingredients and one source even showed almost no presence of the ingredient chitinase.

Threelac has been continuously imported into the USA since 2002 and it has ALWAYS been allowed in by the FDA.

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Colon Cleanses

Colon cleansing won’t make your Candida condition any better. Colon cleanses are fine for cleansing your colon and getting things moving again but they are not nearly specific or powerful enough to eradicate your Candida overgrowth and re-balance your body. Candida is way too entrenched in your body in too many ways to be “flushed” out of your colon. These programs come cheap and sound good but are another waste of money.

Hydrogen Peroxide Flushes

Another system is oxygen flushing your gut with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide can flood your intestines with oxygen but it is quickly dissipated and gone. The proponents of this system actually recommend you drink ounces of this stuff all day long.

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Beating Candida Yeast Today

Safe Threelac

Everyone wants to know which product is going to be safe and the most effective. Our research since 2002 continues to show that Probiotics are the most powerful of the Candida fighting groups and that Threelac in particular is unequaled of all the Probiotics in the marketplace.
Threelac has been so dominant in this field since 2002 that the competition writes negative and very untrue postings about Threelac -and then of course offers you their own products.

Threelac is quite happy to be the one taking all the shots.

It’s the price paid of being the best in the field. The more you study the more you will see that Threelac is the leader in Candida defense. Your money is best spent on something proven over a period of time. For us discovering Threelac was a miracle, and I don’t use that word lightly. So many years we spent trying so many different things and then having Threelac affect us like it did was truly a miracle. We poured this sweet tasting powder in our mouths, drank a little water and over days and weeks our symptoms just washed away.

Your yeast cannot develop a resistance to Threelac, that would be like rabbits developing a resistance to the bite of a fox!


Our support system makes it SURE. As with any product “The devil is in the details”. And the details of Threelac show that it goes after each individual yeast cell it finds and literally “eats it”.

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The More you Know about Candida

If you are still undecided continue to study or please, ask us your tough questions! We’re not shy. 

Our best suggestion for you to avoid ineffective products is to rely upon your own study and intuition. Over a few days and nights you will get a better feel for what is true and what is not. Just save this website in your Favorites right now so you can find it when you need it again!

See a complete Candida Symptoms List here.

See the candid letters we’ve received from customers since 2002

Why buying Threelac products with us is your very best choice

Knowledge is Power! We at Candida Support continue to study products as they emerge. On our site we share with you our years of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t! We encourage you to spend some time with our website. You’ve spent all this time searching for answers. You’ve come so far in searching for your cure, don’t give up now. The time you spend here may well change the rest of your life! 

60day7.gifGHT products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.


Free, doctor written candida tests


questions? Make the right choice

Being in this business gives us great access to learning what is working in real time -in the real world.

We have 11 years of emails from people who were very frustrated. Often they have searched in vain for a doctor to understand what is wrong with them. When they finally set out to research on their own and find our site and see that we’ve also been through what they’re going through they want to tell us their Candida story — how long they’ve had Candida, what it has done to them, and all the things they’ve taken to try to beat it. This gives us even more information on what people are trying and how effective it has been. This then becomes part of the feedback we give you. The support from Candida Support has become legendary in just a few short years.

Letters from our customers

We are the very best place on the internet to get your Threelac. Why? We’ve sold more Threelac than any other source since it arrived on Western shores and we’re with you every step of the way!  Email support is 24/7/365 any time you have questions or concerns regarding your healing process.  Our Candida Recovery Guide™ is the best in the business. See more here

Why take anything but the safest, most effective products?

Why go anywhere else for healing Support?

Threelac, proven in the U.S.A. since 2002.


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If our home tests leave you wanting something more scientific see this link for the inexpensive, state-of-the-art, “Candia5″ home candida blood test kit.

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