Candida under control but – Why am I still so tired and foggy?

August 24th, 2013 by James White

If you have your Candida under control you may still have low energy, mind fog or depression. Having a Candida overgrowth is very taxing on your body – like walking through deep mud. It wears you down and depletes your adrenal and/or thyroid glands. These tiny glands can affect you much more than you would imagine.

To the Rescue!

There is a company called Herb Pharm HerbPharm(most health food stores) that makes herbal preparations that can be quite helpful for this. If you have a natural healing person to go to you could have yourself tested for these two things; adrenals or thyroid. We recommend using someone who has experience with this kind of thing and who will help you pinpoint if it is one of them that needs help. Chiropractors, N.D.’s or other natural healers with experience often know about this.

If you don’t have those kind of people around to help diagnose you here is what you might try. First, I would recommend getting the Adrenal Support Tonic by Herb Pharm. It will either help or not, but it won’t hurt.
If your adrenals are worn out you will feel better almost the first day of using this tonic. After about a week you can probably stop using it and then just use it when you’re feeling worn down.
One other product Marti likes is called Shizandra Adrenal Complex by Planetary Herbals. It is of Chinese origin and can be found in health food stores.

A trickier thing we have found is dealing with the thyroid. Our own healer who is a student of oriental Shiatsu diagnosis and Macrobiotics has just learned something he feels is very new about helping the thyroid. That if your thyroid is either Hypo (underactive) or Hyper (overactive) it is good to take the tinctures for both conditions together.
Bladderwrack is for Hypothyroid.
Bugleweed Motherwort is for Hyperthyroid.
(Yes, I know it sounds like witchcraft with the names of the herbs but what can you do? That’s what they’re called.)

I found my head clear up so nicely with this program. It made a huge difference.
We took: 20 drops of each in the am. Then 20 drops of each again in the early afternoon. Somehow supporting the thyroid from both ends like this just seems to work. If you find yourself waking up in the wee hours of morning you need to either; take more Bugleweed Motherwort before bed. Or start cutting back on the amount of Nettle Bladderwrack in the afternoon or even in the morning. Finding the right balance takes a little time and will even change over time as the thyroid gets balanced and starts working better.

The thyroid can also be much more severely compromised than can be handled by these 2 herbal combinations and sometimes needs medical attention. So keep that in mind. We are not doctors here, just sharing what has worked for us over the years.

One other natural treatment for these glands comes from a company called Standard Process Laboratories. We learned about this in one of Dr. David Williams issues of Alternatives (April 2008, Volume 12, No. 10) These compounds are usually based on bovine (cow) glands. For adrenals the product is called Drenamin. For the thyroid the product is Thytrophin PMG.These products can be found at a good Chiropractor’s office. Follow the directions on the bottle.

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